Rainy Day Movies

Looking ahead to a rainy day tomorrow as Hannah pushes through with the hopes that I can have a lazy day of watching movies I decided to share my list of movies I can watch over and over again.

1.  Better Off Dead – Best movie ever.  I love everything about this movie.  Go rent it now.

2.  Heathers – Another one of the few movies I own.  Very funny and dark.  My favorite kind of movie.

3.  The Replacements – I love a good football movie and I enjoy this one a lot.

4.  Remember the Titans – Another good football movie with a good historical lesson

5.  The Waterboy – Another fuzbol movie(it’s from the debil)

6.  Die Hard – Never gets old.  Action movie at it’s best.

7.  Grease – Was very disappointed that my High School Musical fan kids didn’t like it.

8.  Lost Boys – I love a good vampire movie and I loved the Corey’s when I was a kid.

9.  Breakfast Club – another of my 80’s movie favorites and the archetype of all teen movies to follow.

10.  Back to the Future – Michael J Fox is great and I will watch anything he did.  This is his best.

This is not a list of “best” movies.  These are the ones I love so much I will watch over and over again and are perfect movies for a rainy day on the couch.


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