Skins(BBC America) – A Review

First- Full disclosure – I watched Skins only becaue I was  contacted via the blog by someone from BBC America asking me to watch it.  I had never heard of the show before and likely would never had watched it otherwise.  Honestly, most times I forget I even get BBC America.  It’s one of those channels I would watch more if I remembered to check it, but never do.  So, on to Skins.


I watched 2 episodes last night.  The first episode focused on a character named Chris who seems to be seriouslt drug-addled, insane or a little of both.  His mom had left and left him with money and he has a party.  It is imlied that the mom will not return.  He also is dealing with the effects of too much ED medication.  Other characters from the show were there, but coming in late I didn’t know who I should know and who were just one time players, so my focus was on Chris’s story.  I have to say that if this was the only episode I watched I would have called it a total mess and never watched again.  I ddn’t like Chris and couldn’t see watching him for an hour every week.  He’s just not someone I think many people could relate to and is also very irritating.  The less the focus is on him, the better the show is.


The second espisode switched the focus to Tony, Sid, Michele and Cassie.  Tony and Sid are best friends. Tony is dating Michele.  Sid is in love with Michele.  Cassie is in love with Sid and also has mental instability issues as well.  Tony is very manipulative and plans a scheme to let Michele and Sid see him with another girl so they will get closer.  From the ending it seems like maybe he is trying to draw them into a threesome or something, but it is also all about power, I think.  With Chris in the background and the focus on these characters, the show is much stronger.  Many teens can relate to Sid’s unrequited love and his difficulties with his father.  Tony provides the show with the drama it needs to keep things interesting.   All four characters are served well by very talented young actors.  The actor playing Sid stands out as the most taltented of the ensemble.  The show would be well served to focus more on him in future episodes.

I will give Skins another look and would recommend anyone who has liked shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, My So Called Life, etc. do so as well.


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  1. I’ve seen all the episodes BBC America has broadcast so far. Excellent show, really. Each episode seems to focus primarily on a different character, or group of characters, which makes it fairly strong and able to have a different feel from week-to-week.


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