What’s Good in Tater Town 3/19/23

Take a high anxiety/low mood period, add in sleep deprivattion and you get a situation where it is hard to find the good. Here we go.

  1. March Madness is here. I love the tournament and I have been home to watch all of the games this year.
  2. Monday was my daughter’s birthday. We went out to eat to celebrate.
  3. Free Ledo Pizza for dinner Tuesday night.
  4. High winds canceled mounted lessons at MTR on Tuesday so we got an easier shift than expected.
  5. I have enough Royal Farms points to get free coffee and food for a couple of more months.
  6. I treated myself to Starbucks Wednesday afternoon. Well, I guess my son treated me since I am still using money from a gift card.
  7. I picked a couple of upsets correctly in my bracket.
  8. Another easy barn shift Friday morning.
  9. Kentucky won their game Friday night and plays again today.
  10. Duke and Kansas lost yesterday.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hope your was a good one.

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