What’s Good in Tater Town 10/23/22

It was a busier week than normal due to my terrible car repair experience on Wednesday. It was a good test to see how I will like having extra days with something on my schedule. I might need to drop my Friday morning volunteer shift just to have a day to sleep in a little.

Let’s find the good.

  1. Free coffee at Royal Farms after work on Monday.
  2. We had enough frost that I think the grass growing/mowing season is over.
  3. Nice weather for all of my outdoor shifts this week.
  4. Wednesday was frustrating, but all of the drop-offs halfway between my house and the dealership were at coffee places so I at least had good coffee while waiting for rides.
  5. My first official day on the clock was a short, easy day doing one small project and loading the mobile gas pump into the truck to take it to fill up.
  6. My son was home for dinner Friday night.
  7. I was able to mostly rest and catch up on some TV shows yesterday.
  8. Accidental naps several afternoons this week.

That’s all I can recall for this week. Hope yours was a good one.

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