Today Did Not Go As Planned

A bonus post about how lack of communciation skills from a car dealership service department had thrown my last tow Wednesdays out of whack.

Last week I had an appointment to take my daughter’s car in for a recall service. There was only one recall on the car. When I booked online I said it was for recall service. I got there and they said they could not do it that day because the online system didn’t say what service I needed. I guess no one bothered to look at the recall before I got there.

I rescheduled for this week. I then drove to my daughter’s work to give she something she forget. We switched cars so we would each have our own cars. I went to the library to pick up holds and went home.

When I rescheduled, the guy told me the service would take 3-4 hours. I responded that that was perfect because I could wait and not have someone pick me up. He did not hint that that would be a bad idea.

Today was the day for me to take the car in for the service. I packed my book, my phone charger, a crossword puzzle, and a snack. I was ready for my 3-4 hour wait. I also looked at Google maps for places to walk to if I got bored.

When I dropped the car off they told me it wouldn’t be ready until the end of the day with the possibility it might not be done today if they needed to order a part. Once again unprepared for the recall service.

The shuttle only drops off within 10 miles of the place. My house is too far. I had them drop me at Starbucks halfway between there and my house and my wife picked me up between meetings. I have no idea when the car will be done and if my wife will be available to take me back when it is.

I think any other recalls will be done elsewhwere.


18 thoughts on “Today Did Not Go As Planned

  1. We’ve been luckier in the recall department. Our dealer makes it policy to check for recalls when they have a car in for any reason. As well, when there is a recall they won’t start taking cars in until they have enough of all the possible replacement parts on hand. Sorry your experience was so poor. That should not have happened.

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