Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/20/22

The NBC lineup is all repeats tonight. It seems early to already be going to repeats.


8pm – Station 19

9pm – Grey’s Anatomy

10pm – Alaska Daily


8pm – Young Sheldon

8:30pm – Ghosts

9pm – So Help Me Todd

10pm – CSI: Vegas


8pm – Walker

9pm – Walker Independence


8pm – Hell’s Kitchen

9pm – Welcome to Flatch

9:30pm – Call Me Kat

Various Non-Streaming Options

The First 48: Scared Silent is on A&E at 8 followed by 60 Days In at 9 and the season finale of Inmate to Roommate at 10.

Winter House is on Bravo at 9.

Mysteries of the Abandoned is on Discovery at 8.

Atlanta is on FX at 10.

The season finale of Little Demon is on FXX at 10.

House Hunters is on HGTV at 8 followed by House Hunters International at 8:30, Renovation Impossible at 9, House Hunters at 10, and House Hunters International at 10:30.

Bargain Mansions is on Magnolia at 9.

Mountain Men is on History at 8.

Life Below Zero is on National Geographic at 9 followed by Primal Survivor: Over the Andes: Extra Mile at 10.

Tater’s Thoughts

I’m enjoying this season of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m hoping they keep the focus on the new interns and phase out some of the older, more boring cast.

We all enjoy Ghosts and So Help Me Todd.

We are still on the fence about Alaska Daily.

I have not watched an episode of either Walker yet this season.


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