First Day Jitters

I thought my first day as a paid member of the staff was going to be Monday. To start, I will be working Monday and Wednesday mornings and will generally be doing what I was already doing for free on Mondays.

They asked if I could come in today to go with the person who fills our gas tanks so I could learn and do it moving forward. That seemed easy. A quick trip over to observe someone do something. No problem.

Then I was asked if I could just make today my first day at work because they have a project they would like me to do. I have no idea what the project is, but, of course, I said yes.

So, today is my official first day getting paid at the farm.

I have my typical first-day jitters compounded by the unknown aspect of the project. I hope it is a basic, manual labor job and not something complicated for my first day.


7 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. Congratulations! I always have first day jitters, too. I remember my first day at a PR firm. I was told by the boss to look through all the files and just get acquainted with the clients and projects. Then another employee handed me several of his assignments. I was so nervous that I had to produce work on my first day!

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