Get Out of the Way

My church has coffee and donuts for us to enjoy before/during the service. Yesterday, when we arrived two people were having a conversation right in front of the donuts. When I went to walk to my seat I found two of the three aisles blocked by people also having conversations.

This is nothing new. People routinely block the donuts, the coffee, or the aisles while talking.

It’s not just church. Back when I was a productive member of society, I used to attend professional conferences. Coffee urns were routinely blocked by people who stood in front of them to talk. Hallways were blocked by groups gathering to talk. Restroom doors were blocked by the same.

You walk down the sidewalk and people walk side by side covering the entire sidewalk and won’t move when they encounter people walking in the opposite direction.

People leave their cars parked at the gas pump while they go inside to buy coffee and cigarettes.

Why can’t people just get out of the way?

Are they clueless and have no idea they are in the way?

Do they realize they are in the way and just don’t care?

Am I too irritated by this and just need to relax?


12 thoughts on “Get Out of the Way

  1. People have become unaware of the proximity of others, because they’re so focused on their wants. They just don’t think of anyone but themselves. The people you describe, at any rate. And their numbers keep increasing. I find it incredibly annoying.

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  2. Yesterday I was trying to walk and this guy just stopped and looked at his phone. Another person was just standing in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s just no thoughts of anyone other than themselves

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  3. A while back when I was walking after a chiropractor appointment but still was using a stick as was unsteady, I saw two people approaching me. Both young and wearing exercise clothing, they glanced up, and saw me (there was eye contact), yet both continued to hold their positions. The sidewalk was only two people wide, the grass verge alongside was wet, soggy and slippery. They never hesitated, but walked shoulder to shoulder, I had to jump out of their way at the last second or get barged over. Without my stick, I’d had hit the deck. It gave me an insight into why so many elderly have negative views of those younger (and fitter) than they. People can be dicks. Oftentimes it’s a thoughtless act, but sometimes it’s selfishness pure & simple.

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