Instead of a To-Do List I Think I Will Try a To-Don’t List

I read this article on Medium about how the author writes down tasks she has completed instead of writing a list of things to do. I’ve heard about people doing what I would call a to-done list before. I can see the appeal. My thought, however, when reading the article is that I want to do a to-don’t list.

We all have things we need to do all the time. Most people spend a lot of time thinking about what they need to do. I don’t need a list to remind me of things I need to do. They are always there. Mocking me.

What I need is a reminder of things not to do. A to-don’t list. Like a to-do list, each person’s list would be different. An example of what mine would look like:

Don’t feel guilty about resting.

Don’t assume the worst or catastrophize.

Don’t get too obsessed over stats on WordPress and Medium.

Don’t snack because you are bored.

Don’t keep reading that book that is boring you.

Don’t read the comments on social media.

Don’t judge yourself harshly for minor mistakes.

Don’t let others determine your opinion of yourself.

Don’t forget to drink water.

What do you think? Do we all need a to-don’t list as much as we need a to-do list?


8 thoughts on “Instead of a To-Do List I Think I Will Try a To-Don’t List

  1. Yes, a don’t-do list is something I regularly recommend to my life coaching clients. I’ve not been able to convince my brain about the value of a done list yet, although I’d like to. If you give it a go, let me know how you find the experience.

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