A Quick Day After Vaccine Update

I had planned to write something else today, but the effects of the vaccine are still with me enough to make writing anything difficult.

I got my second dose at 9:15 yesterday morning. I was good for a few hours. Took the dog for a walk. Ate lunch.

After lunch I started to get tired. Just a little tired. I dozed here and there but mainly just felt a little fuzzy. My arm started to get sore.

I went to bed around 10. I slept good until around 5am when I woke up extremely thirsty. I got some water and slept for another hour or so.

I’m feeling mostly OK now. My arm still hurts. I’m still very tired.

I will spend the day on the couch watching TV and expect to be back to normal tomorrow.

If a sore arm and a tired day is the price I pay for normalcy I call that a bargain.

Hopefully back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


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