Sometimes I Think I’m Psychic

I will start by saying I don’t really think I’m psychic. I did, though, have another moment last week when the thought crossed my mind. I have had a few times in my life when I’ve had strong feeling about something that eventually turned out to be true. Some examples:

When I was accepted to the University of Kentucky I was given a date to go to campus for an orientation and class selection. I did not have a car or a driver’s license at that time. No one in my house had a driver’s license. I needed to figure out how to get there. My brother in law ended up taking me, but before that I had a overwhelming sense that I should call one of my friends who was also going to school there. It made no sense to me because they were supposed to go a different weekend. I couldn’t shake the feeling, so I called their house. No one answered so I left it. When I got to campus I saw my friend there. If I had made more of an effort to reach them I would have had my ride.

Multiple times in college I would be walking to class and the thought would cross my mind that I was wasting my time because class was canceled . I would then get to the classroom to find a note on the board that class was canceled.

One night in my dorm freshman year with a voice in my head screaming to lock the door to my dorm room. I had no reason to think my door was unlocked. It was. My roommate had gone out late and left the door unlocked. I can’t say something bad would have happened if I had not locked the door, but I’m glad I didn’t find out.

So many times I have a song in my head in the morning and it is on the radio when I start my cat.

A few times that I’ve had a strong feeling to do something and by doing that discovered some information that I didn’t know was there or needed.

The latest one was last week. My wife was in Kentucky with her mom She was due home Friday night. I was slowly getting the house clean for her arrival and was planning to vacuum Friday morning. Thursday afternoon I kept thinking I should vacuum now because she was going to surprise us by coming home early. I dismissed it and didn’t do it. I called her at some point because I couldn’t find something and she told me she was on the way home and would be here in an hour.

Anyone else out there have these weird moments when it seems you know things you shouldn’t know?

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9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Think I’m Psychic

  1. Not psychic, but seem to always know when the people close to me are in need. I wish I was psychic, because what I “am” is frustrating. The “feeling” doesn’t let me know which person is in need…just that someone that I love is in distress. Luckily, the list of people is short…I just start calling. Sometimes, it manifests as “I need to go to ____”. No reason why, just a compelling need to be at a certain place. When I get there, I find a loved one, in distress. It has happened so often that my loved ones are no longer surprised when I randomly show up when they need me, lol.

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