My Take on FOX’s 2009/2010 Schedule

Fall:   Monday: House/Lie To Me – A good combination that should be a rating’s success.

Tuesday: So You Think You Can Dance – A guarantee I won’t tune into FOX that night, but will get some viewers.

Wednesday: SYTYCD/Glee – I am really looking forward to Glee, but have a feeling it will be a very good show no one will watch

Thursday:  Bones/Fringe – Another good combination but Fringe will get crushed in the ratings against CSI and Grey’s.

Friday:  Brothers/Til’ Death/Dollhouse – An odd combo that will likely result in even lower ratings for Dollhouse.

Saturday – Cops/AMW – Same old same old.  Nothing to see here

Sunday: – Animation night – Should hold it’s own against the others.  Can’t imagine any of them will be as good as The Simpsons

Spring:  Monday – House/24 – Even better ratings than the Fall

Tuesday – Amercian Idol/Past Life –  AI will dip and Past Life will not last the year

Wednesday – American Idol/Human Target/Glee – FOX should have waited to pair the premiere of Glee with AI. I can’t imagine Human Target and AI will have the same audience

Thursday – Sunday remain the same except for Sons of Tuscon on Sunday nights

What I will watch:  I will continue to watch House, Bones, Fringe and Dollhouse.  I think Glee looks great and will watch until it’s inevitable cancellation.  I will try Human Target because I try any show with Chi McBride.  I will try Sons of Tuscon because I love Tyler Labine on Reaper.  I expect I will like Glee and Human Target, but will hate Sons of Tuscon.s


3 thoughts on “My Take on FOX’s 2009/2010 Schedule

    1. I’m not sure FOX ever gave an official reason. I just read an interview with Mike Judge and he seems relieved that it’s over. Maybe FOX knew he was tired of it and decided to get out before he left the show.


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