What’s on TV Tonight 9/27/19

I will skip my regular post about what I’ve watched and read this week to do the TV post. Before I move on to the abbreviated TV schedule for tonight, though, I will mention a movie and a book. We watched MIB: International. I should say my wife watched it while I dozed off and on while she watched it. I didn’t see much of it. Maybe someday I will go back and watch it while awake. I struggled through and finally finished Life L1k3 by Jay Kristoff. I probably would have given up if I wasn’t reading it for work. I know have 5 days to finish Three-Body Problem, also for work. I don’t think I will make it. Now on to tonight,

NBC – A second shot at watching the premiere of Bluff City Law and then a new Dateline.

FOX – Wrestling followed by a second shot at the premiere of Prodigal Son

CBS – Finally a network with all new shows for people like me who never leave the house on a Friday night. Hawaii 5-0 at 8. Magnum at 9. Blue Bloods at 10.

I watch Magnum even though it is not nearly as good as it could have been. It takes itself way too seriously to be Magnum. I still love Blue Bloods. My wife watches Hawaii 5-0. I guess I will watch an episode this year since they are crossing over with Magnum.

ABC – American Housewife at 8. Fresh Off The Boat at 8:30. 20/20 at 9.

I think Amerian Housewife is one of the better comedies on TV right now. More people should watch it. I also like Fresh Off The Boat but would not have been extremely sad if they had canceled it.

I watched The Unicorn and Stumptown last night. I liked both of them but can see how both could possibly go in a mediocre direction. They both have great casts and a decent premise so they could be really good. It’s reall hard to judge a show on a pilot episode, especially a sitcom. If The Unicorn can learn from Cougar Town and not focus the entire show on the main character dating and instead make it an ensemble comedy about the life of him and his friends I think it will e really good. If every episode is him going on awkward dates it will be gone soon.

Now I need to make myself read some before I have to go to work.

What’s on TV Tonight 9/26/19

Before we get to today – I watched Emergence yesterday. I wasn’t planning on watching it, but it got good review and  I kept seeing commercials for it. I didn’t want a new with a long term mystery. It was really good and I love the cast. Looks like I will be watching more. I also watched mixed-ish. It was cute. I will watch a few more episodes to see if it will stay on my watch list. Not on to Thursday:

NBC – Superstore at 8. Perfect Harmony at 8:30. Good Place at 9. Sunnyside at 9:30. SVU and 10.

Superstore and The Good Place are two of the best comedies on TV and are two of my favorite shows. I’ve never watched SVU.

Perfect Harmony is Bradley Whitford as a former Princeton music professor who ends up working with a small-town choir. It looks like it could be pretty good.

Sunnyside stars Kal Penn as a disgraced councilman who is hired by a group to help them get citizenship. I like Penn and I will try it, but it doesn’t seem like it will be that good.

FOX – Thursday Night Football. I may watch some of the game, but there’s a lot of TV to watch.

ABC – Grey’s Anatomy at 8. A Million Little Things at 9. How to Get Away With Murder at 10.

I’ve watched Grey’s from the beginning and I still like it. I’m in til the end. I really liked the first season of Million Little Things. It’s a great cast. I watched part of the first season of HTGAWM and got tired of it pretty quick.

CBS – Young Sheldon at 8. The Unicorn at 8:30. Mom at 9. Carol’s Second Act at 9:30. Evil at 10.

I’ve seen bits of Young Sheldon at Mom on planes and overseas but never felt the need to watch more. Plus, I avoid all thing Big Bang on principle.

The Unicorn stars Walton Goggins as a widower who is starting to date again. The premise is not one that would normally make me watch, but Goggins is one of my favorite actors. I’m looking forward to it.

Carol’s Second Act stars Patricia Heaton as a divorced, retired teacher who has gone back to medical school. I might give in a try it because I like Heaton, but this one was the unanimous don’t watch show for TV Line.

Evil is about a psychologist who teams up with a priest to investigate supernatural phenomena. I wasn’t going to watch this one, but everything I’ve read about it says it is very good, so I will give it a shot.

CW – Two episodes of The Outpost. Still waiting for the new shows.

Cable – I see nothing of note.

What’s on TV Tonight 9/25/19

I’ve still only watched one new show this season.  I will try to watch mixed-ish and/or Emergence before work today. Here is your Wednesday:

NBC – Chicago Med at 8. Chicago Fire at 9. Chicago PD at 10.

I only watch Fire regularly. The others I only watch during crossover events. I like how they have characters from the other shows pop up sometimes to make it feel more like a shared universe. I still like Fire, but I’m tired of the two main male characters and wish they spent more time on the other more interesting characters.

FOX –  A two-hour Masked Singer.

I’ve said before that I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.  If I did, this would be mine. I enjoy trying to guess who the singers are. I just wish some of the judges were less annoying.

ABC – Goldbergs at 8. Schooled at 8:30. Modern Family at  9. Single Parents at 9:30. Stumptown at 10.

I’ve never watched The Goldbergs. I watched one episode of Schooled because Jaret Reddick and Kelly Ogden wrote and performed the theme song. I felt the need to support them. That was enough. I bought their album. I’m good. This is the final season for Modern Family. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. Single Parents was my favorite new comedy last season.

Stumptown is a new show starring Cobie Smulders as a private detective. It is based on a graphic novel series. I like PI shows and I like Smulders so I will watch it.

CBS – Survivor at 8. Big Brother at 9:30.

I still love Survivor. I work Wednesday nights so I don’t get to watch it live anymore. I usually watch as soon as I get home. Tonight will be more complicated as it is longer and my wife might want to watch New Amsterdam even though she knows my Wednesday routine.

Cable – American Horror Story on FX, Property Brothers and House Hunters on HGTV. The only thing that really matters is that the series finale of Suits is tonight. I’ve watched since the first episode. The latest seasons have been shaky, but I’m enjoying the final season. I’m glad they brought Mike back for the final two episodes. It wouldn’t be right to end the show without him.

What’s on TV Tonight 9/24/19

Day two of the new TV season. There is a lot more of interest for me tonight. I did watch Prodigal Son last night. The beginning was a little shaky for me, but I did really enjoy it and will be watching more. Here’s your Tuesday:

NBC – The Voice at 8. This is Us at 9. New Amsterdam at 10.

Still not watching The Voice. I never started watching This is Us. I did go back and watch the first episode after it was on and could see how you could get sucked in but didn’t watch more. I really like New Amsterdam and can’t wait to see the outcome of the finale cliffhanger.

FOX – The Resident at 8. Empire at 9.

I’m a fan of medical shows. I loved ER and House. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the start. As I mentioned above, I really like New Amsterdam. The Resident may be my current favorite medical show. I like the cast. I like the mix of stories. I like how they show the ugly side of the health care business. I’m looking forward to watching more.

ABC – The Conners at 8. Bless This Mess at 8:30. mixed-ish at 9. black-ish at 9:30. Emergence at 10.

I watched Roseanne when it was on originally. I watched the new version and it was OK> Roseanne was terrible in it. It is a much better show without her. I wanted to like Bless This Mess, but didn’t. I have never watched an episode of black-ish. I did watch a few episodes of grown-ish with my daughter and liked it. I will watch mixed-ish because I will watch Gary Cole in anything. I also think Mark Paul Gosselaar a lot.

Emergence is a new show starring Allison Tolam as a police chief who takes in a girl found at a crash site. There’s some possible supernatural mystery around her. I like Tolman, but I don’t think I want to get invested in another show like this with the danger it is canceled before they reveal the mystery.

CBS = NCIS at 8. FBI at 9. NCIS: New Orleans at 10.

I don’t watch the NCIS’s. My wife loves them. I do like FBI a lot more than I expected to.

CW – Pandora at 8. Mysteries Decoded at 9.

I know nothing about these. The real CW shows still to come.

Cable – New Chopped on HGTV. New Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV, Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo. The Little Couple on TLC. Mayans MC on FX.

Nothing to see here.

What’s on TV Tonight 9/23/19

It’s here! It’s a big day for TV dinosaurs like me. It’s the beginning of the fall network TV season. As I do every year I will post one of these every morning until all of the shows have premiered. As I watch new shows I will either have a small review in one of these posts or a longer review post if I have a lot to say.  Here’s your Monday.

NBC – The Voice at 8 and Bluff City Law at 10.

The Voice now has Kelly Clarkson in the Adam Levine chair and Gwen Stefani returns. I think the coaches will be fun, but it is a lot of time to commit to a show.

Bluff City Law star Jimmy Smits as a lawyer who convinces his daughter who hates him to join his firm. I like Jimmy Smits, but I don’t have high hopes for this show.

FOX – 911 at 8. Prodgal Son at 9.

911 looks like the type of show I would like, but it had the unfortunate timing of premiering when my DVR could only record two shows at a time. I do like my cop and firefighter shows.

Prodigal son is one of the ones I’m looking forward to the most. Michael Sheen(I love him) plays a serial killer who helps his FBI agent son track other killers. I have high hopes for this one.

ABC – Dancing With the Stars at 8. The Good Doctor at 10. Unless you are in DC. In DC you get the football game.

I have never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars and that is not going to change now, even with Ray Lewis on the show. I watched one episode of The Good Doctor. It also had a bid DVR timing issue, but I’m not sure I would have kept watching anyway.

CBS – The Neighborhood at 8. Bob Hearts Abisholoa at 8:30. All Rise at 9. Bull at 10.

I didn’t watch The Neighborhood last season. I guessed that another CBS comedy would last longer. I was wrong. I still haven’t watched an episode.  I watched a little bit of Bull and then stopped. I find the main character annoying.

Bob Hearts Abishola – A guy falls in love with his nurse after he has a heart attack. The premise seems thin, The commercials look bad. I will give this one a pass.

All Rise – I’m hoping this one will be a good replacement for For the People, a show we loved that got canceled. This one is focused more on the judge but seems a lot like For the People in that it shows the cases from all sides.

CW – Penn and Teller: Fool Us at 8 and Whose Line is it Anyway at 9.

We really like Whose Line and I will watch tonight. The real CW shows start later.

Cable – The Terror is on AMC. I feel like I should like this, but I just can’t get into it. Lodge 49 is on after The Terror. I’ve been told I would like it, but I’ve never watched an episode The Deuce is on HBO. This is the third and final season. It is now the 80’s. It is still mainly about the porn industry. It’s pretty good.

A light night for me to start the season No returning shows that I watch and only two new ones that I think will be good. Unfortunately, I think my daughter wants me to wait until she is home this weekend to watch them, I will still try Bluff City Law. Maybe it will surprise me. If I’m bored at 8:30 I might try Bob Hearts Abishola, but I’m sure I will have better things to do.


My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 9/20/19

I had a pretty good reading groove going and then this week I hit a book that made me lose my will to read. Normally, I would quit reading it, but it is for work so I have to plug away with it. Maybe I will take a break, read something else, and then come back to it. This was my last week of summer TV. Next week I will have a lot more to say about TV. So much that most of you will stop reading my posts.

Movies – We watched two movies this week. The first was Godzilla: King of Monsters. A lot of the plot, as pointed out by my son, seemed a bit confused, but are you watching this movie for plot? No, you are not. You are watching this movie to see monsters fighting. In that regard, it did not disappoint. There was some good monster fighting. I’m looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong next year. We also watched the live-action Aladin. I’m not sure why we needed this movie. It was OK. I didn’t hate it. I liked Will Smith as Genie. It was not a terrible way to spend two hours.

TV – There is really nothing of note to write about here. We are still a few days away from the start of the new network TV season. That means this is the week a lot of summer shows are ending. I didn’t really get hooked on any summer shows this year. That’s been good for space on my DVR. I don’t have to worry about clearing it for the new shows. The shows I am watching are the type of shows I have on while I am writing, reading, or browsing through my social media. I should probably go sit on my deck instead.

Books – I only finished one book this week. I finished it early and thought I would finish at least one more. I was wrong. I read And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness. It was basically a short version of Moby Dick where the whales are the hunters and they are after a mythical human named Toby Wick. It was odd but well written(or should I say whale written?). Only 150 or so pages with pictures.

On Deck – I have Booksmart and MIB: International on DVD. The series finale of Suits is on this week. I still love the show and I’m glad they brought Patrick Adams back for the last two episodes. Another show to add to my list of shows I watched almost live from the first to the last episode. There is a lot of other TV on deck next week. New shows I’m most looking forward to – Prodigal Son, All Rise, Perfect Harmony, and The Unicorn. I will try to make myself finish Life L1k3 by Jay Kristoff and then move on to other assigned reading.

TV Is Turning Into a Streaming Pile Of

I was reading the TV business news as I do and I saw an article about the new Psych movie. The movie was due to come to USA Network in 2019. Now, they have decided that the movie will only be available on the new NBC streaming service.  More and more shows are being announced by networks as streaming only. All of the networks have jumped on the streaming bandwagon. Where does that leave the consumer?

I was happy to be the TV dinosaur who still has cable. I like having my local channels, network TV, and other shows and sports that come with cable. I was happy to pay a little more to have what Netflix had to offer. My kids use it enough to make it worthwhile. I pay for HBO on top of cable and we use my son’s Prime account some. We never subscribed to Hulu. I thought we were set.

Now we have Disney + coming. There’s CBS All Access. There is the aforementioned NBC service. HBO Max is coming from Warner. I don’t know what that means for someone who already has HBO. I pay for cable, but can’t watch the Psych movie that was supposed to be on cable. They canceled AP Bio but the resurrected it but only on streaming.

What does that mean for someone like me? Is it time to call cable dead and just use the money to subscribe to all of the streaming? Will I still be able to watch the sports I want to watch with that? Is there a danger that internet providers will enter into deals with some services and throttle the rest? Will streaming eventually be the death of TV?

TV is turning into a streaming pile of something, I just don’t know if it is something good or something that stinks.

I Am a TV Dinosaur

One of my social media posts for work this week mentions that the fall network TV season starts on the 23rd. I’m sure there will people who will think, if not comment, that no one cares about the upcoming season because no one has cable anymore. No one cars that new, weekly shows are coming because no one watches shows like that anymore. We just wait until they are available to binge and then we watch them all at once. I think they are right for the most part.

I’m a dinosaur when it comes to TV. I have Netflix and Prime. I watch some originals and some old shows I missed the first time around. I don’t really binge, though, It’s rare that I watch more than a couple of episodes of a show before I’m ready to move on to something else. I think the only two seasons of a show I can remember bingeing the entire season at once were season one of On My Block and season two of American Vandal. Otherwise, I tend to take a while to finish a show and prefer the weekly model of the networks. I also miss how everyone had to watch the shows at the same time. If a big episode of a TV show aired and you watched it you could talk about it the next day because others would have watched it as well. You didn’t have to worry about the whole spoiler thing. TV was more of a community thing. I loved watching Survivor live when I didn’t work Wednesday nights so I could interact with others on Twitter who were watching at the same time. While I’m typing this I’m watching Friday Night Lights. Everyone else who cares about Friday Night Lights watched it years ago. It is and will continue to be, a solitary thing. Even when I watch the newer shows it feels solitary. Not everyone is watching when I watch. They are either way ahead of me, or in rare cases, behind me. It’s hard to talk to people about it.

I got my Fall TV Preview Issue of Entertainment Weekly yesterday. I look forward to it the way other people look forward to the Christmas toy catalogs. I still love this time of year I can’t wait to watch new episodes of my favorite shows. I can’t wait to try the premieres of the new shows. On the 23rd, my blog in the mornings will become a “What’s on TV Tonight” series. This year I might still write a non-TV post in the evening, but I will spend time in the morning posting the schedule for the night and saying what I will watch. I will post my thoughts on new shows as I watch them. I might be the only one who cares.

I am a TV dinosaur but I like it this way.

My Week in Books, Movies and TV 9/13/19

It’s been an off week for me. This is my first original post since Sunday. I never could get any words out when I had time to post. It feels like I had an odd schedule this week but my hours were the same as any other week. I did finish several books, so I obviously had time this week. It just felt like I didn’t.

Movies – We watched The Sun is Also a Star. I read the book and liked the book. The movie wasn’t terrible, but, like most adaptations, I feel like I would have liked it more if I had not read the book. We started Godzilla, King of Monsters when both kids were home, but then realized we didn’t really have time to finish if the kids were going to leave when they wanted to leave so we stopped.

TV – I watched a lot of sports on TV this week. Kentucky football. Ravens football. Braves baseball. Other random football games. I think that’s why I read more. It’s easy to read during the random games and still know what is happening in the game. I watched the first two episodes of the new season of 13 Reasons Why. When my daughter judged me for this I told her that I was invested in these kids lives now and had to see how it turned out. It’s true. I like the characters and I am invested in their stories now. I just need more time to watch all of the stuff I want to watch. When is someone going to pay me to stay at home and watch TV?

Books – I finished three books this week:

Murder of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah – a Hercule Poirot book. It was OK. I found it too slow and never really was invested in the mystery. I didn’t read a lot of Agatha Christie. Maybe Poirot fans would like the book. I don’t know.

Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg – A collection of fictional(obviously) texts and calls from famous literary characters. It was OK. Some were really good. Some so-so. I listened and the audio was well done, but sometimes my yelling at other cars distracted me from listening.

Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neill – O’Neill was hired to write an article for Premiere magazine and became obsessed with the case. The article never happened. Many years later the book did. The Manson stuff was interesting and brought up a lot of unanswered questions. The CIA stuff was not so interesting and it was a stretch trying to tie it to Manson. In the end, he had no new answers at all. Only read it if you are as interested in Manson as I am.

On Deck – We will try again with Godzilla. I have Rocketman on DVD so we might watch that. We are now working our way through the latest season of Agents of SHEILD. I need to start reading the teen books for Books for the Beast next month. I guess the facilitator of the discussion should actually read the books. I’m starting with And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness.

My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 9/6/19

After a full day of cleaning on Saturday, I was able to just relax for the rest of my three day weekend. You would think that would equal more finished books. You would be wrong. There is an explanation for that, though, that will come in the book section.

Movies – I did not watch a new movie this week. I had one new movie from the library that will go back unwatched today. Instead, the movies we watched were old movies we had seen before that were on TV over the holiday weekend. We watched White House Down – the superior people taking over the White House movie. I don’t get why Olympus Has Fallen got two sequels instead of this one. I still really like it. My wife watched the new version of Total Recall while I read and half paid attention. We watched Doc Hollywood. It was a nice pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I like new movies, but sometimes it’s fun to relax with an older movie you enjoy.

TV – We finished season one of Jack Ryan on Amazon. It was very good and I can’t wait for season two in November. I’m staying current on the shows I’m recording from TV in an effort to keep my DVR in shape to record all of the new shows that are less than a month away. Yes, I still have cable. I will always have cable. I love TV too much to not have the new network shows in real-time. I also have Netflix and Amazon and will probably try to convince my wife that we also need Disney Plus. If we get the package I’ve read about that might also add Hulu as well. I may never read a book again.

Books – I did finish one book this week. It was one of the Tor novellas, but it counts. It was The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor Lavalle. It is a revisiting of Lovecraft’s The Horror at Red Hook from the viewpoint of a black man. It won the  2016 Shirley Jackson Award for best novella and was a finalist for various other awards. Needless to say, it was very good and I would recommend it. It is also less than 200 pages which is refreshing in the days of the 400 and over page books. I actually read quite a bit over the week but didn’t finish another book. I started reading Chaos, a book about the Manson murders where the author tries to prove Bugliosi’s “race war” motive in Helter Skelter is wrong. I got halfway through that and then focused on reading the book for the mystery book club at work. That book is The Mystery of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah. It is a new Hercule Poirot mystery. Do we really need someone else writing these? It is not my favorite. So, the switching books has slowed me down in finishing even though I spent a lot of time reading this week. Now I have another book I need to finish for my personal book club next Saturday. Too many assigned readings!

On Deck – We will watch The Sun is Also a Star and Godzilla King of Monsters with the kids this weekend. I also have The Last Black Man in San Francisco I will try to watch at some point. We will likely finish the last season of Flash while my daughter is at home. I need to watch more Mr Mercedes before it is due back to the library. I will continue reading the two books mentioned above.