The Liebster Award

liebsterThe Liebster Award is an award that someone created for bloggers to nominate other bloggers in a way to support their work. The nominees are meant to be blogs with smaller followings that you enjoy. Here are the rules of the award:

  • Create a new post, thank a person who nominated you, link their blog and put the award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided to you.
  • Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.

A few days ago  Severus Snape left me a comment that they had nominated me for the award. I’m happy that they like my blog enough to do so, but I avoided posting about it because I struggle finding blogs to nominate because most of the blogs I read are much mor established and have more followers than me. This morning I had a comment from The Whispering Winds that they had also nominated me for the award. So, I guess I will use day 11 of the Month of Tater to do my Leibster post.

First, I want to thank both of them for reading my blog and nominating me. It is much appreciated. I’m going to violate rules 3 and 4. If you want to answer questions, just answer the same ones I did. Also, I’m not officially nominating people for the reason stated above, but I will add links after the questions of blogs I enjoy. Now on to the questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I’m not really sure why I started this blog when I did. I used to write on Live Journal and I missed the community I had there. Maybe I was looking for that again. I started writing more regularly recently because I have a lot to say and I want people to hear it. 
  2. What are your other hobbies? I read a lot and watch a lot of TV
  3. If I ever saw you in real life what would make me recognize you? Nothing. I’m pretty bland and average looking.
  4. Tell me about your favorite dream. I had a lot of dreams when I was younger where I did something heroic and saved lives. I enjoyed those.
  5. Do you prefer to be alone or with people around you? I always say alone and that I want to be a hermit, but that isn’t completely true. I want my family around me but could do without most other people.
  6.  Who or what is your muse? I have no idea.
  7. If you ever saw me what would you ask? That is also a hard one since I don’t know you. I would probably be self-centered and ask why you read my blog and how you found it.
  8. If Santa granted you one wish, what would you wish for? Early retirement.

Now in lieu of official nominations, I will just give you a list of blogs I enjoy and will encourage you to click and read.

Don’t Make it Weird

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Sara in La La Land




Watching Until the End

I came really close to not doing day 10 of the Month of Tater. I feel weird doing the blogging thing when people are around. My family does not understand why I do it and look at me weird when I say I am writing a blog post. I’ve not been alone all day, so I was leaning toward not doing it. I did, however, say I was doing this every day this month, so here it goes. I had two thoughts on what to write today. A very shallow post about long running TV shows I’ve watched beginning to end or a deep, introspective post inspired by a line of dialogue on one of those shows. I’m going shallow.

There are a handful of long running shows I’ve watched from the first episode to the series finale. I’ve given up on a lot of shows because I lost interest. A lot of shows get canceled early. These shows lasted a long time and held my interest for the entire run. I’m probably forgetting about some older shows, but these are my memorable ones.

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I remember when they announced that Joss Whedon was doing a TV version of the movie. I was very excited and people thought I was weird(I am) for being excited about a TV show based on a mediocre movie. Turns out I was right to be excited. It is still one of my favorite shows ever, even though the Riley and the Initiative storyline was terrible. I also watched the entire run of Angel, but it was a shorter run. I’m sad that I can’t get my kid to watch it.
  2. ER – This is one that almost lost me. As time went by, most of the original cast was gone and they finally hit a season that inspired me to write a blog post that ER was crashing, but I kept watching. Every medical show I’ve watched since has been compared to ER and have come up short. I’m not sure anyone will ever do one as good.
  3. Gilmore Girls – I almost didn’t include this one because I wasn’t sure I watched from the beginning. I realized, though, that I had to have started from day one because I didn’t have access to old episodes easily back then. I have always unapologetically loved this show that most men wouldn’t admit watching. The dialogue was great. I loved the characters(until they destroyed Rory in the Netflix revival). It was a great show.
  4. Santa Barbara – I watched soaps with my mom. I loved Days of Our Lives, but Santa Barbara was my favorite. I watched the first episode and the last episode and most of the ones in between. I doubt I got all of them as I went to college in the middle of the run. I did, however, find other Santa Barbara fan in my dorm and we watched together whenever we could.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – The show that inspired this post. I was watching the 300th episode this morning and thought about other shows that I’ve watched from the beginning. I love that they still have 4 of the original characters on the show after 300 episodes. I like a lot of the new characters. I hope it’s true that this season will be lighter and funnier. I think it is a better show that way. I don’t plan to stop watching any time soon.

Do you have any shows you started on day one and watched to the bitter end?

My First Seven Jobs

I’m going to cheat on for day 9 of the month of Tater because I’m completely blank on what to say today. Since I wrote this last year, I’ve had a reason to mention the fact that I’ve been a janitor(not a very good one) and a newspaper delivery guy. My 8th job was at a market research firm where I called medical professionals and asked questions about medications. After that, I started my life as a librarian. Enjoy “classic Tater” and I will try to be back with a new episode tomorrow.

The World's Common Tater

So, this whole first seven jobs thing has been floating around and I’ve considered doing it, but never got around to it. I was just going to post a list, but a friend just posted hers on Facebook with narrative, so I decided to that as well here. So, here they are:

  1.  Ohio County Board of Education – I’m not sure what the actual job title was. It was part of the summer youth jobs program. I was placed here two summers in a row. We took delivery of textbooks, stamped them with their number for tracking, counted out the proper number for each school and then delivered them to the schools. Not a bad summer job. All I remember from this job is remembering that I was still weird and awkward around adults.
  2. Commons Grill at UK – Not sure if that was the real name of the…

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Thinking About Snow Days

It’s day 8 of the Month of Tater. The gift that no one wants, but keeps giving anyway.

The heat at work was broken yesterday. They made the decision to close down right when it was time for me to go home. I was rewarded for working in the cold all day with leaving work later than planned and an almost hour commute in the rain and the dark. Yay me.

Today is my late day.  I work 1-9. As I sat at Panera eating my free bagel and reading a book, I tried not to get my hopes up that I might get a bonus day off due to the broken heat, I failed. I thought about how nice snow days are. Waking up to a text that schools and libraries are closed. Drinking coffee while watching the local news coverage of the snow while everyone else sleeps. Watching a movie or playing board games in the afternoon when everyone else is awake.  The overall goodness of having that unexpected day to just push pause and relax. Was it possible that I could get one of those days without snow?

No, it is not possible. I kept checking my phone while cleaning bathrooms to see if there was an update about the heat. I finally got one and it was good news for the branch. The heat is on. We are open to the public and I will be heading to work in a couple of hours. There will be no unexpected day off for me. Good news for the public, disappointing news for a tired, middle-aged man who wanted to relax. I think it’s time for my wife to admit that she makes enough money for me to quit my job and stay home.

Tater the Wandering Drunk

On day 7 of my month of Tater I’ve decided to tell two stories of the time I wandered off while intoxicated. One of these came up while I was at my high school reunion in the summer and the other is one that pops in my mind every now and then. The first one is just an amusing story. The second one sometimes pops in my head as a possible crossroad in my life.

Story one takes place on New Year’s Eve. I was at a party at my brother’s apartment. I knew most of the people there, but I was very much not a part of the group. I was just the weird little brother who was invited by the host. I really don’t remember a lot about the party besides feeling out-of-place. At one point that combined with everyone else pairing off in to couples became too much for me so I walked outside. I was sitting outside alone in the cold when one of my brother’s neighbors saw me and invited me to come to their party. Apparently, in my drunken and depressed state of mind, going to a party with complete strangers seemed like a good decision, so I did. I don’t know how long I stayed, but I wa gone long enough for my brother to notice I was missing. I eventually wandered back and slept on the couch at my brother’s place. Nothing really exciting happened. It’s just an “interesting” story about me.

Story two takes place at college. I had been at a party at a frat house. I never joined a fraternity, but I was welcomed and invited to parties at one particular fraternity even though I never pledged. I would go to the parties, drink, and hope that one night I would get up the nerve to actually talk to some of the female party attendees. That never happened, by the way.  So, one night, I was at a party and still too shy and nervous to approach a girl to dance or talk so I wandered off. I ended up at the McDonalds off campus, bought some fries and sat there alone. While I was there, a group of punk looking kids came in to the restaurant. They were either my age or a year younger and still in high school. I’m not really sure. Anyway, they saw me eating alone and invited me to join them, so I did. I don’t remember anything about the conversation, but they were very nice and friendly. When they were heading out, they invited me to come with them to a party. Unlike the story above, I declined and went back to my dorm.  That night pops into my head from time to time and I think that marked a crossroads in my life. I had two options. I chose the go back to my dorm option which led to me sitting here in Maryland.  The other option of going with them could easily have just lead to one odd night at a party with strangers and I still end up here, but it could have led me in an entire different direction. Assuming they were not planning on murdering me, I could have gone with them, had a great time, and spent every weekend hanging out with them. This would have lead me away from the campus based activity where I would eventually meet my wife. Life can move in different direction based on one simple decision.

Or maybe I just watch too many TV shows with time travel and the possibility of alternate timelines.

PSA: I would not recommend drinking and wandering.

Judge Not

Hello! Welcome to the Month of Tater Day 6. Are you sick of me yet? I bet you are sick of me. Oh well, here is my latest post:

Recently, a 17 year old girl was hit by a car. Unfortunately, she has since died and the driver of the car has yet to be found. When it first happened, I did the thing you should never do – I read the comments. It happened not to far from my house, so I looked at the comments to try to determine if we knew the girl who was hit(we didn’t). The comments did have a lot of the normal human being type comments of “so sorry” and “our prayers are with the family” but there were just as many “why was she out at a party that late at night?” “where were her parents?” “I know where MY kids are at that time of night” type comments. Basically, they were implying or saying outright that if she had been a “good girl” like their kid or if the parents had been “good parents” like them that this would not have happened.  If that is all you have to say when a 17 year old girl is fighting for her life you should really just shut up and stay away from the internet. You aren’t helping anyone and you are mouthing off without knowing anything about the girl and her parents. Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

An email goes out to my neighborhood that teens were robbed while walking down the street at 10pm and the response is “Why were they out alone at 10pm?” I would never let my teens out alone after dark!”

I was on a jury and the first thing someone said when the case was turned over to us was “Why was he even out at that time of night?”

Women are raped and people want to blame them because their clothes weren’t “appropriate” so they were “asking for it” Same happens with cases of sexual harassment.

It has become more and more common to blame the victim or judge others when bad things happen. Can we just stop?

A Lazy Music Post

This is day 5 of the month of tater and I’m struggling with the writing every day thing. I started writing a post about how it seems the more I write the less people read, but I couldn’t find enough to say about that. I thought about a weekly wrap up but realized I’m too boring to have enough to say about my week. The TV helped me out by going to an interview with Kelly Clarkson about her career. I decided to go the lazy route and do one of those “put your music on shuffle” posts. I’m very ashamed of myself.

  1. Insane in the Membrane – Cypress Hill: It’s possible my son was the one that downloaded this one back when he was younger and used the same iTunes account. It’s one of the few that I kept.
  2. Let Me Inside – Stephen Lynch: One of my favorite comedians. He is a singing comedian and his songs are very inappropriate. I never go to comedy shows(though I would if someone would go with me) but I went to his when he was in Baltimore.
  3. Someone Like You – Adele: I like Adele, but I will admit that I generally skip this one when it comes up. I’m not sure why.
  4. Tick Tick Boom – Patent Pending: One of my favorite bands and one that most people I know have never heard of. I first saw them when they opened for Bowling For Soup in Baltimore. They were supposed to play a venue that was closed down the week before. BFS promised to play Baltimore even if it was a free concert in a park. They ended up pkaying a scaled down show at a rooftop bar. Only 100 or so people showed up and it rained, but my son got to meet the band at his first concert. Patent Pending opened the show and I loved them. I wish they would come back to the area.
  5. Intergalactic – Beastie Boys: I love the Beastie Boys. I was very sad when MCA died.
  6. December, 1963(Oh, What a Night) – The Four Seasons: I’m not really sure why I chose this song. I like it, but I assume I have it because it was free or something.
  7. Cheer Up(It’s Christmas) – People on Vacation: People on Vacation is Jaret Reddick from Bowlng for Soup and Ryan Hamilton from Smile Smile Band and now Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors. They were very good friends who did People on Vacaion albums when not recording with their other bands. I love the music they created and really like this Christmas song. Sadly, they had a falling out and are no longer friends.
  8. Summer Fling – Linus of Hollywood: From the Crappy Records Presents: Have a Crappy Summer compilation. It is a very good summer song. Another BFS connection. Linus and Jaret are friends and also recorded an album together as Jarinus. My name is on the album liner.  They also once did a video while holding my picture thanking me for my support. If I can track it down I will insert it here.EDIT – Here is the video –
  9. Dream On – Aerosmith: One of the best rock bands of all time.
  10. Malibu Classic – Eric Chandler: Also from the Crappy Records album. Erik is in Bowling for Soup, but also does some very good solo work.

Funny how much of an influence BFS has on my music, but not one BFS song came up on shuffle this morning.  I might go back and add in links to the songs later, but right now I need to go hurry my family up so we aren’t late for church.