My 2021 in Music According to Spotify

Spotify sent out the 2021 year in review yesterday. Here is what it said about my listening. I listened for 11094 minutes. According to Spotify that is more than 60% of other listeners in the United States. My Top 5 Songs Joy to the World by Three Dog Night Once Bitten Twice Shy by Great … More My 2021 in Music According to Spotify

Year in Review Posts

Welcome readers to a post where I write about what I might write. Exciting stuff, huh? Several sites have started posting their best of 2020 lists. It made me start to think about my year in review posts I generally write. The ones that I will definitely do: My 2020 in review – Highlights from … More Year in Review Posts

Tater’s 2019

In which I look to see what I did that was noteworthy in the past year. Winter: We went to Orlando in January since both kids were free. We went to Harry Potter World for the first time and also visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I turned 50 in February. We went … More Tater’s 2019