Still Boring

A while back I wrote about how it’s Hard to Be a Blogger When You’re Boring. I am reminded of that as I sit here contemplating what to write. I live in a place where everything is open at full capacity. I am fully vaccinated. Our positive percentage rate is below 1%. We have fewer than … More Still Boring

Admitting Defeat

I just scrapped two attempted posts. One was my planned post for today. The other was a post about my lack of sleep and how I’ve had trouble remembering what day it is with all my days being the same. I was not happy with either post and scrapped them. Here is a look at … More Admitting Defeat

Do Your Research

I recently read Sooley by John Grisham. It was not a typical Grisham book. Instead of a legal thriller, it was sports fiction about a basketball player from South Sudan who comes to the states to play college basketball. The book starts out strong. Sooley tries out for a team from Sudan that will tour … More Do Your Research

Off Kilter

This is the time of year where my becomes a TV blog. The networks release their fall schedules and I write about them. NBC threw me off by releasing theirs last week. The actual upfronts start today. NBC is this morning and FOX is this afternoon. At some point today, FOX will release their schedule … More Off Kilter

My Most Read Posts

Updating this one today. I mentioned recently that the posts I think are my best posts are some of my least read. I also posted on Facebook that my most views in one day is still from 2014 when a Twitter celebrity retweeted my Michael Vick post. I decided to look to see if there … More My Most Read Posts

Thoughts While I’m Stuck in Writer’s Block

I’ve been having difficulty with my attempted memoir and finding it difficult to move forward with it. I’ve been thinking about other things I could do with writing/blogging or other things. I’ve looked online at places that accept writing like personal essays. I’m not sure I will ever feel confident enough to submit. I did … More Thoughts While I’m Stuck in Writer’s Block