My Medium Publication, Reading is a Novel Idea Is Open for Submissions

I started a Medium publication to separate my book articles from the other random stuff I write. I decided today to open up to other writers to try to grow it into a decent publication for all things reading. If you write about books and reading consider joining me over there. You can even import … More My Medium Publication, Reading is a Novel Idea Is Open for Submissions

Schedule Changes

Recently, the riding place where I volunteer sent out an email asking for volunteers to join the facilities team. They needed someone to work Monday mornings doing things like dragging the field, driving around with the water tank to fill water troughs, etc. I volunteered, partly because I removed myself from Saturdays, assuming they would … More Schedule Changes

Break the Rules

Rules have been on my mind this week. It started with unwritten rules in the Juwan Howard incident. It escalated with the worst part of Medium – the torrent of articles written by Medium “experts” telling us how we are doing everything wrong. I made the mistake of clicking on Medium advice articles when first … More Break the Rules

Why Do I Write?

I wrote not too long ago about how I struggle to not get caught up in stats here and on Medium. This morning I read a post on Deb’s Dispatches asing if having a blog is attention seeking. My therapist asks me about my writing each week and we talk about how writing makes me … More Why Do I Write?

Show Me The Money!

I follow an amateur weather guy on Facebook. I like his forecasts because he’s never been about using hype to get more clicks. He would do his forecasts and then after the storm would post his PayPal link for people to donate to help him keep his work going. He recently announced he is starting … More Show Me The Money!