On Challenge Day 9 I’m Looking for Wisdom

I didn’t write this one earlier because I’m drawing a blank. I thought if I waited until my break at work I could come up with something. My mind is still a blank. More blank than it usually is and that’s hard to do. I’m sure people have spoken words of wisdom to me at some point in my life, but I’m obviously not a good listener. When I started trying to think of some words of wisdom all I got were song lyrics:

“You can’t always get what you want, but of you try sometimes you find you get what you need” – This is actually a good one. There are plenty of things I’ve wanted in my life that I didn’t get. Jobs, powerball winnings, a girlfriend in high school, hair, height, a decent singing voice and the list goes on and on. Did I get what I need? I think so, but I still wish I could sing.

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” – Can’t endorse this one. Seems like this only leads to trouble. These are not words of wisdom. Get out of my head!

“Got me a ticket for an aeroplane” – These are not words of wisdom. This is just a statement of fact. This did not keep them from popping into my head. What’s wrong with me?

And then it was blank again. Please help me out. Give me some words of wisdom. I need all the help I can get.


On Challenge Day 7 They Write the Songs that Make the Whole Tater Sing

Challenge Day 7 asks me to name 10 songs I am loving right now. I would bet that unless you pay attention to my posts on Facebook, you probably don’t know these songs. That’s a shame because they are all very good. Do yourself a favor, click on the link and enjoy some good music.

  1.  Be Kind Rewind – Ryan Hamilton
  2.  Until the Sun Comes Up – Patent Pending
  3.  NSFW – Patent Pending
  4. Just Be Happy – Suburban Legends
  5. This Gigantic Robot Kills – MC LARS
  6. And I Think You Like Me Too– Bowling for Soup
  7. Journey to the End – People on Vacation
  8.  4 Letter Verb – Ryan Hamilton
  9. Get Weird – The Dollyrots
  10. Envy – Bowling for Soup

I keep thinking about writing something about each song, but I’m finding it hard to verbalize what I like about each song. I will say that what I like about them and the artists/band is that they are generally upbeat songs. Journey to the End is an exception but it is a great song. Also, I have met Ryan Hamilton, three members of BFS and Kelly from The Dollyrots and they are all nice, friendly people(or at least good at pretending to be nice, friendly people) and that does make me like the music even more.

Challenge Day 6: Have a Heart

So, I didn’t do day 6 yesterday because I was busy and then tired. I guess I will only guarantee I will do these on weekdays. Anyway, Day 6 of the challenge is five ways to win my heart. I’m sure everyone has been dying to know this one.

  1. See Me: I know that on Facebook I am very vocal and might be funny at times(might, the jury is still out) but in real life I am a strange little fat man who doesn’t really talk much. When  I am at a party, a conference, church, etc I have perfected the art of being invisible in the crowd. If I have no close friend there, I will fade into the background and leave as soon as I feel I can. The first step to winning my heart would be to be the person who see me and takes the time to talk to me and make me feel like I belong.
  2. Be There:  This one is tricky. I want you to be there for me in the bad times, but I really don’t like telling people when there are bad times. I don’t like to ask for help when I need it. So, how do I expect someone to be there? I don’t expect you be a psychic. I guess i just want friends who I know would be there if there ever was a time I actually told them I needed them. Also, if you are paying attention, you can probably tell when the bad times occur.
  3. Laugh at Me: As I mentioned above, I like to think I’m funny. If you agree, I will like you more.
  4. Be Nice: I think this would be on the list for everyone. I need you to be nice. Preferably nice in general, but specifically nice to me. I’ve had too many people in the past who were supposedly my friends but who were not actually very nice to me. I don’t know why I thought they were my friends.
  5. A Very Weird Poker Game: I’ve been in an accident. I’m on life support keeping my body alive until my organs can be harvested. Winner of the game gets my heart.

In Day 3 of the Challenge I Feed My Pet Peeves

Today’s prompt for the writing challenge is to talk about my top three pet peeves, so here they are

  1. Lateness: It drives me crazy when people are late. My belief is that early is on time, one time is late and late is unacceptable. Lateness shows a lack of respect for the other people involved and for the event/activity planned.  I don’t understand why it is so hard to be on time. I can understand on occasional occurrence when traffic is bad or something unexpected happens, but I don’t get constant lateness. It shows either a lack of discipline or the aforementioned lack of respect. Now, of course, since I typed this I will be late for work today.
  2. Bad Drivers: I suffer from road rage. It is a problem that I need to work on, but one thing that would help is better driving from others. People just don’t seem to be able to drive anymore. They drive too fast, drive too slow, drive slow in the left lane, text, switch lanes without signaling, drive with no lights in rain and fog, etc, etc. Just yesterday I had someone pull in to the right turn only lane, turn on the left turn signal and then wait to turn left. Later I was almost hit by someone who didn’t yield to the traffic in a traffic circle and then got stuck behind someone driving way below the speed limit. This is a daily thing. People just can’t drive, unless they are driving me crazy.
  3. The “i don’t read/watch TV/care about your petty stuff” people: I’ve blogged about this one before. The people who respond to talk about books with “I don’t have time to read” or TV discussions with “I don’t watch/own a TV” or post on social media that they “didn’t even know x award show was even on” Somehow, they think this make them look better than the people who do such “petty” things. Guess what? It only makes you look like an asshole. Just stop.

Writing Challenge Day 2 Where I Go From Happy To Depressing in Just a Few Short Hours

I thought the happy post from yesterday was hard. Today’s is even harder. Something someone told me about myself that I will never forget? I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday and I am struggling to come up with something.

I could go with the second grade teacher who said I was the type of kid who could be anything I wanted to be. She used astronaut as an example, but I have motion sickness and a fear of height, so that was out. The problem with this one is that I didn’t become everything I wanted to be. I didn’t challenge myself or explore my options in college and ended up becoming a librarian because I happened to get a job at the library while in school. So, remembering what she said about me is kind of depressing

I try to think of a second one but I really can’t recall anything major anyone has ever told me about myself. Possibly I’m just not paying attention but possibly because I’m not the type of person people would say profound things about. Really, when you think about it, what could they say that would be so profound or important that I would always remember? I’m just an average guy with an average life. I’m boring and quiet and the type if person people don’t notice. I’m like the invisible girl from that episode of Buffy. It’s hard for people to say something profound about someone they rarely even see.