My Week in Books, TV and Movies 10/12/18

It’s been an off week for me. I worked Sunday, off on Monday for the holiday, had an all day training at a different branch yesterday, I’m now the only person home and today I work with a very short staff and then I can finally relax. It was a short week, but not a great week. I need this weekend. I keep pretending like I’m going to go to a movie or actually leave the house, but I know I will spend all of my time on the couch reading or watching TV. OK, enough rambling – on to the review

Books – I read Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith. Smith is one of my favorite YA authors. If you haven’t read his books, go get Grasshopper Jungle or Winger now. Rabbit is more along the lines of Grasshopper. It’s weird(humans on a spaceship full of malfunctioning robots), but funny. I wasn’t sure about it at first and  thought it might be one of his first ones that disappointed me, but after the first couple of chapters I really liked it.

TV – First some TV news – New Amsterdam and FBI have both received full season orders, so that is a good sign as far as renewals go. I don’t think anything has been canceled yet. I think the only new show I watched this week was All American, a CW drama about a football player from Crenshaw who moves to Beverly Hills to play for Beverly Hills High. It will be my new “high school drama” show now that Riverdale has lost me.

Movies – We watched Deadpool 2. If you liked the first one, you will like this one. If you didn’t like the first one, don’t bother. I hope they do make an X Force movie next. That would be fun. I still wish Deadpool would make an Avengers appearance.

On Deck – I started Lethal White, the next book in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith(JK Rowling) but I’ve always listened to them, so I might stop and wait for the audio. I don’t think I will watch a movie this week and TV will be catching up on DVR’ed shows.  There are a couple of new sitcoms I might try next week.

My Week in Books, TV and Movies 10/5/18

Back to my normal posting schedule now that most of the TV premieres are over. One note before I start the review – ABC comedies Fresh Off the Boat and Speechless come back tonight. Both are very good.

Books: I finally read a book that made me want to keep reading. One of Us by Craig DiLouie. It takes place in the 80’s in a world where kids have been born with mutations and pushed in to homes where they become wards of the state and treated poorly. The kids start developing powers the government wants to use. Eventually, something happens at one home and town that pushes the tension between the “normals” and the “creepers” toward violence. It is very good. I also read Essex County by Jeff Lemire and Orange:Future by Ichigo Takano. Both graphic novels(one manga) and both also very good.

TV: I’ve posted a lot about TV lately. You can go back and look at those posts to get more detail on what I’ve watched. I did finish Mr Mercedes season 1 on DVD. It was one of the better Stephen King adaptations I’ve seen.  As far as the new shows go – Single Parents is the only new comedy I will definitely continue watching. New dramas – hard to judge based on one episode. The only ones I’ve watched twice are Magnum and New Amsterdam. I still like both.

Movies: We watched two movies this week. American Animals is the story of the theft from the special collections area of the Transylvania University library by four students. I was interested in this one because I once lived in Lexington. It was an interesting story with clips of the real guys talking about it. I liked it. We also watched the gender flipped remake of Overboard. I liked it a lot more than I expected. Eugenio Derbez was really good in the lead role. I was also pleasantly surprised that they had the Spanish speaking characters actually speak Spanish and used subtitles instead of pretending they would always speak English.

On Deck: We are watching Deadpool 2 tomorrow. I’ve started Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith.

My Week in Books, TV and Movies(5/11)

Welcome once again to my end of week review of what I’ve read and watched. I hope someone is enjoying them.

Books: I have been reading Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer since last week. It’s not a bad book, but I’m just not really in to it. I never feel compelled to pick it up and only read it when I’m eating lunch at work. I’ve set it aside and have started reading Sunny by Jason Reynolds. It’s good, but I liked the other track series books better. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just need the right book, but I’ve entered a period of not really wanting to read much lately.

Television: Maybe I’m not wanting to read as much because I have so much to watch on TV. My new DVR is already at 90% full and we have entered the season of finales of the network shows. I’ve been trying to catch up on those shows while also watching Handmaid’s Tale with my family and Dear White People alone. My goal is to finish season 2 of Dear White People this week so I’m ready to start season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why when it premieres next week. Some bad TV news – Clayne Crawford has been fired from Lethal Weapon and now FOX has to decide if they want to renew the show without him as Riggs. FOX has also canceled Brooklyn 99. These are two of my favorite shows. Network upfronts start Monday, so this blog will turn in to a TV blog soon.

Movies: I’m not sure I watched a movie this week. I think during the times we would normally watch a movie we were watching Handmaid’s Tale. If we watched a movie this week it wasn’t very memorable. I still haven’t seen Infinity War. I need to convince my family to go see it this weekend. I’m not sure how much longer I can avoid the spoilers.

So, that was my week. Hopefully, I will have more to report next week. I would like to say my light week of movies and books meant I was too busy doing other fun stuff, but I didn’t really do anything last week. I guess I just watched a lot of TV.