Lazy Saturday

I had a big post planned. It was going to be of about TV shows I’ve watched that really established a sense of belonging and now watching them made me realize I don’t have that here. I had it in my head all day yesterday. Instead, I slept a little later than usual. I read the newspaper and drank some coffee. I’m working on a crossword puzzle. I’m trying to avoid doing much of anything today. Next Saturday will be my first one since March without my daughter living here. I’m sad and don’t want to do anything but sulk.

So, instead of a post that might have been decent, please enjoy this video of me as an expert axe thrower.

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It’s a Video Wednesday

I decided to bore everyone with videos of me instead of writing today. The first one is me dancing in KISS costume for the Dad’s Dance at my daughter’s dance recital. The second one is me walking a cheetah in Zambia. The third one is my in an ax throwing tournament in Philadelphia. Enjoy.