Upcoming Hiatus

I have not liked anything I have written today so I will do the quick post I planned for Thursday morning to let everyone know about an upcoming semi-hiatus. If everything goes as planned I will be leaving Tater Town soon and will be away for a little over a week. I will be spending … More Upcoming Hiatus

In Defense of Rest

I knew it was coming. I knew online school would lead to the end of the snow day. New York schools have no announced that there will be no snow days. Snow days will now be remote learning days. I assume other school systems will do the same. I’ve written multiple times about snow days … More In Defense of Rest


The above is from the Washington Post Tik Tok. I feel it is the perfect representation of what my day today will be. I’m off today for the holiday on Saturday. All that means is that I will close my laptop and watch TV all day. Very exciting, huh? It was going to be even … More Holiday