Tater Talks TV Ratings

I’ve noticed recently that ratings are down for several network TV shows this season. After a text conversation with my brother this morning I was ready to write a post about people rejecting the shows that are writing too much of the bad news from real life into their shows. I was seeing ratings down for shows like Good Doctor, The Connors, Black-ish, etc but not down for shows like American Housewife, The Masked Singer, I Can See Your Voice and others that are not dealing with Covid in their shows. Then, last night, Young Sheldon and Mom were both down even though they are free of our current real life. So, what is the reason for the low ratings? Here are some possibles:

Streaming – Streaming was already taking over the TV scene before Covid. Then Covid hit and we were all home for weeks and network TV ended when shows stopped production. We all turned to streaming to have something to watch while stuck at home. Now we have lost interest in the weekly network shows and will not go back to them as much as we did before.

Distraction – People aren’t watching the shows because they are all following election news instead. I guess we will see if this is the case once the election is finally done. If ratings stay down, maybe not. I don’t get this one because I need TV as my distraction from real life.

Covid Storylines – I still think this is part of it. I think people are turning off some shows because they want an escape from real life and they won’t get it if the shows are full of what they want to forget for a while. I am afraid I will be less interested in Grey’s and Station 19 because it will be about the pandemic. I’m stressed enough without getting real life in my fake shows.

Those are my three reasons why I think the ratings are down. I am still happy I have the distraction of TV back.