Thoughts on Writing on Medium

I have mentioned writing on Medium a few times. Someone said I should do a post about my experience on Medium, so here it is. A while back another blogger in a Facebook group I am in suggested writing on Medium. I set up an account and imported a few of my posts from here … More Thoughts on Writing on Medium

Inauguration Day

Four years ago I wrote about inauguration day. I wrote about looking for hope even if you didn’t like the person being inaugurated. I think the last four years have been even more disastrous than I expected. The news has been worse and worse as the yeas have gone by, ending in the midst of … More Inauguration Day

Tater’s Take on Flake

Everyone is talking about Flake’s speech about Trump. Flake even wrote an op-ed against Trump for the Washington Post. While I’m happy whenever someone speaks out against Trump, I’m not impressed with Flake for  couple of reasons. Flake has voted with Trump 90% of the time. He’s not against Trump policies or political stances.  He’s only … More Tater’s Take on Flake

Too Much

I keep trying to decide what to write about, but there’s just too much going on right now to settle on a topic. Do I write an angry post about Trump? His attack on the first amendment and freedom of press? His threats to pull FEMA out of Puerto Rico? The fact that he is, … More Too Much