Missing New York

Timehop reminds me that three years ago we were in New York City. I used to go to NYC every year for a week in the summer while my wife was there for work. I would take he bus up(she flew because she’s fancy like that) and spend the day roaming the city while she … More Missing New York

A Fork in the Road

I have now literally come to a fork in the road. This time the road took me to graffiti And then to a strawberry milkshake. I took the right road at that fork. Got to keep making the right turns.

I Miss Travel

One year ago today we arrived in Baku. Two years ago today I was looking for someone to take us to the airport for our upcoming trip to London and Paris. There was a possibility of a trip to Bhutan this summer. This year we don’t know what a possible trip to Kentucky to see … More I Miss Travel

I Miss Open Spaces

Today’s daily prompt word was open. I thought about writing about everything being closed. I considered other ways to interpret the word. In the end I decided to share a photo from a family vacation to Lake Tahoe. It is one of the better photos I have that I think conveys the feeling of open … More I Miss Open Spaces