10 Days of Travel: Day 10 – Walking a Cheetah in Zambia

I will end my 10 days of travel with a video instead of a photo. Each year at the end of the conference there is a social program. In Zambia, we got to walk with lions and cheetahs. Here I am walking a cheetah.

10 Days of Travel: Day 8 – Baku, Azerbaijan

Can’t find the words today, so I will do my travel photo this morning. The last location for my wife’s conference before the pandemic made it virtual. I had no idea what to expect. I ended up being on of my favorite cities we have visited. The people were very friendly, the city is safe and walkable, and it isn’t overrun with tourists.

10 Days of Travel: Day 7 – India

I will include a photo from India despite the fact that India tried to kill me. This is Charminar, one of the stops on the official tour with the government group. As we walked through the shopping area we were escorted by police and warned not to stop and shop. We eventually made it through the crowd and to the top of the tower in the photo.

10 Days of Travel: Day 6 – Elephants in Zambia

We got to go to Zambia for one of my wife’s work trips. Before her conference started they took us on safari. We were almost to the end and had not yet seen any elephants. We were starting to worry that we would miss out on seeing elephants in the wild when we saw this.


10 Days of Travel Photos: Day 4 – Donner Lake Area

This one is from our family trip out west. My daughter loved the Daniel James Brown book The Indifferent Stars Above about the Donner Party so this was high on our list of places to go. It was a beautiful area.

10 Days of Travel Photos – Day 3 – Leeds Castle

We took both of our kids on trips after graduation, the Norway phot was from my son’s trip. This one was from the trip to England and France for my daughter’s graduation. We spent the night on the grounds of the castle so we got to wander around after it was closed to the public.

Leeds Castle