Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone who is celebrating has a great day with friends and family. No TV post today, but a couple of things of note. The Macy’s Parade is on at 9am. The National Dog Show follows that. Three football games on today. World Pet Games on FOX at 8 tonight. See you tomorrow when … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the day we give thanks by stuffing bread up a dead bird’s butt. Seems an odd tradition, but it’s a good day. Today I’m thankful that never travel for Thanksgiving or have people over. We had no decisions to make regarding changing our plans. Today I’m thankful that my family is healthy. Today … More Happy Thanksgiving

My Quiet Thanksgiving

One more of these and then next year it’s possible both kids will be out of town and it’s even quieter and just two of us(hopefully going out to eat) I don’t really have much to report on reading and watching this week. I haven’t finished a book this week. I didn’t watch anything new … More My Quiet Thanksgiving

Let’s Talk Turkey

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. This has been a breaking news alert. Most people probably ate turkey this week. Most people have probably eaten turkey several times in the last few days. We are now a month away from Christmas and talk has turned to food for Christmas parties and Christmas dinner. I don’t understand the … More Let’s Talk Turkey


I thought about doing one of those sappy “what I’m thankful for” posts, but remembered my last post was a little sappy. When I considered the possibility of two sappy posts in a row I threw up in my mouth a little. So, instead, you will get my thoughts on some parts of Thanksgiving. First, … More Thanksgiving


Facebook has been full of posts from people stating daily things for which they are thankful. The message at church on Sunday was also about being thankful. You would think there is some day coming up soon that revolves around giving thanks. I’m not committed enough to do a daily posting, so you get this … More Thankful