My Quiet Thanksgiving

One more of these and then next year it’s possible both kids will be out of town and it’s even quieter and just two of us(hopefully going out to eat)

I don’t really have much to report on reading and watching this week. I haven’t finished a book this week. I didn’t watch anything new on TV this week. We watched one move – The Spy Who Dumped Me – this week. Not enough for a full blog post. I plan to do my What’s Good in Tater Town post on Sunday as usual, so there’s no need for a “thankful” post. I’m going to work today, so I have no Black Friday things to post. Thus are the hazards of being a boring guy who blogs. Sometimes there is nothing exciting to talk about. Here is a brief synopsis of my nice, quiet Thanksgiving.

I picked my daughter up from college Tuesday afternoon. I worked Wednesday and came home to my son and daughter both being home. We watched the Kentucky basketball game, Survivor and the movie and then went to bed.

Thanksgiving is just the four of us. We slept in a little. Had a nice, late breakfast, watched some of the parade, watched the WKRP Thanksgiving episode on YouTube(which I’ve discovered I can watch on my TV by connecting my phone), watched some football and a little bit of Luther because my son randomly started watching it this week. I read some of my book while all of this was happening. We had dinner around 5, cleaned up and then eventually played two games of Life. It’s not exciting, but it is nice to have a calm day with just the four of us before the crazy Four Christmases schedule we have next month.

I head back to work today and the kids head back to school on Sunday, but we only have another month before we are all together again in Kentucky.

Let’s Talk Turkey

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. This has been a breaking news alert. Most people probably ate turkey this week. Most people have probably eaten turkey several times in the last few days. We are now a month away from Christmas and talk has turned to food for Christmas parties and Christmas dinner. I don’t understand the people who want turkey again.

I’m done with turkey. Turkey is OK, but the side dishes are the stars of Thanksgiving for me. I like a turkey sandwich the next day or so after Thanksgiving. It’s fine. It’s a nice change from my normal lunch, but not my favorite. Why would I want to have turkey again?

For me, turkey is Thanksgiving and ham is Christmas. No one should want turkey again this soon. Ham is a superior food. Ham sandwiches are better than turkey sandwiches. When ham is the meat, the side dishes go back to being sides and not the stars. Why would you give that up for more mediocre turkey?

Non-traditional food is fine as well. Why not have a taco party for your office Christmas party? Tacos and burritos are good all the time. There is no offseason. Barbecue was mentioned as a possible entrée for one of the Christmas dinners we will have when we visit family next month. I’m all in for Christmas barbecue. Who would choose turkey over tacos or a barbecue? Crazy people, that’s who.

Turkey is fine. I will give turkey Thanksgiving, but then I’m done until next year.

One of Those Sappy Thankful Posts

A small, but annoying thing yesterday almost derailed my Thanksgiving happiness, but I’m not going to let it. Here are some things for which I am thankful this year:

We got to spend last weekend in NYC as a family. It is the first non-family trip we’ve all taken together since the California trip last summer.

We got to see Hamilton while we were in NYC.

Both of my kids are home for the holiday.

We have jobs that allow us to have a home and food without worry on the holiday.

My wife still puts up with me after 25 years.

I get to take a week off and spend time with family over Christmas.

My commute is half of what it was last year at this time giving me more time to relax and drink coffee in the morning and more time to spend with my daughter in the evening(if she’s not at work).

Books and the people who write them.

I’m not being investigated for colluding with Russia(yet).

We have proof that it is true it is possible for anyone to become president.

There are a collection of weirdos who actually spend time reading this blog every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Month of Tater Day 3: Christmas’s War on Thanksgiving

In yesterday’s post I blamed everyone who reads my blog(all 10 of you) for not giving me something to write about. One person responded with an idea – my thoughts on Christmas season starting on or before November 11. Here we go:

This might come as a shock to all of you, but I am a bit of a complainer. Given that shocking news, I’m sure at one point I have complained about Christmas music being on the radio or Christmas displays being up in stores too early. I might have actually meant it.  If I did, my mind has changed since then.

Maybe I’m getting more sentimental in my old age. Maybe I just look forward to a week off from work. Maybe I look more forward to a week away from real life every year. Whatever the reason(maybe a combination of them all) I am more excited for Christmas every year. This year we got a taste of Christmas when we traveled to Manila. They were already playing Christmas music and had decorations up at the mall. It didn’t annoy me as it did my daughter. I liked the taste of one of my favorite times of the year. I’m ready for Christmas music, Christmas movies and traveling to Kentucky to see family..

I know that people enjoy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is not as big a deal for me as it is for a lot of people. We don’t travel. No one travels to see us.  I make people watch the parade while they complain that it is boring, the four of us eat together, I make them watch football, and then I go back to work the next day. It’s nice to have the day off to spend with my family, but it’s not Christmas.



I thought about doing one of those sappy “what I’m thankful for” posts, but remembered my last post was a little sappy. When I considered the possibility of two sappy posts in a row I threw up in my mouth a little. So, instead, you will get my thoughts on some parts of Thanksgiving.

  1. First, I would like to say NO ONE IS TAKING THANKSGIVING FROM YOU! Well, they are if you work for a retailer that will be open on Thanksgiving day. If you do work for one of them then, yes, they are taking Thanksgiving from you and you should be upset about that. You should be mad at the company, but also at the people referenced above who cry about stores being open on Thanksgiving, but then go shopping on Thanksgiving. The stores are open because you are there. If people stopped shopping on Thanksgiving stores would stop opening. It’s a pretty simple concept. The stores are not stealing your Thanksgiving by opening(unless you work there) you are giving your Thanksgiving to them willingly by showing up. You are also an accomplice in the theft of their employees’ Thanksgiving. You, my shopper friend, are the real thief in this scenario.
  2. I have been advocating for going out for dinner on Thanksgiving since we are staying home and it is just the four of us. We went out two years ago when my wife was in China over the holiday and it was so nice and easy. I feel like cooking and cleaning takes away from time we could spend together. Also, I’m not a huge fan of turkey. One meal and maybe a couple of sandwiches of leftovers and I’m done with it. Going out means no pressure to eat a lot of turkey before it goes bad. I will never win, though, because I am married to a traditionalist.  I assume we will continue with a home cooked Thanksgiving meal for four until such time that our kids have families and the crowd increases. I will still try for a meal out every year, but I know it will never happen.
  3. The parade is boring. Every year I insist on turning the TV on the parade coverage and every year my family complains that it is boring and will ask to watch something else. I grumble as I do it, but I have to admit that the parade is boring. I’m not sure why I try to watch it every year. Maybe I’m also a traditionalist.
  4. On a more serious note, this is the first Thanksgiving without my mom. I had planned to go to Kentucky to be with her. It will be hard. I’m sure at some point the thought will cross my mind that I should call her before I remember that I can’t. That will be even harder. Be thankful for the time you can spend with your loved ones.

OK. Now that I turned sappy and threw up in my mouth a little, I will close. Happy Thanksgiving!


Facebook has been full of posts from people stating daily things for which they are thankful. The message at church on Sunday was also about being thankful. You would think there is some day coming up soon that revolves around giving thanks. I’m not committed enough to do a daily posting, so you get this instead.

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for two kids who, while not perfect, are very good kids. I am thankful that the most I have to worry about with them is getting them to do their homework and clean their room. I am thankful for a wife who deals with my pessimistic personality. I am thankful that we both have jobs that allow us to provide food and shelter for our family. Not everyone has that. I am thankful that the few friends I do have are good friends or at least are people who are good at pretending they like me. I am thankful for my brother and sisters and mom who even though we rarely speak would be there for me if I needed them. I am thankful for a good church with a good youth group where my kids can grow in the Christian walk. I am thankful that God has blessed me with all of the above even though I probably don’t deserve it.

I am also thankful that you don’t have to be able to write well to have a blog.