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My Brilliant Ideas

TV Ideas: Justin Bieber stars in a TV show about a suburban family – Leave it to Bieber A Partridge Family update starring a variety of Disney kids with Billy Ray Cyrus in the Shirley Jones role. Forget Ashton Kutcher. Hire Corey Feldman to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Paris Hilton/Nicole…

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Survivor Thoughts

Beware – Spoilers Below I am really enjoying this season of Survivor.  The contestants are interesting and for the most part likable.  The challenges have been good and the tribal council votes have been great.  Last night’s ouster of Tyson was one of the best votes in a long time.  Below are my thoughts on…

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Get the Crash Cart, ER’s Coding

I have watched ER since the first episode. I have stuck with it through the years even though it has gone through several bad seasons.  The last few seasons, I thought they finally found their footing again and was looking forward to a final season with Pratt, Morris, Gates and other recent favorite characters.  Instead,…

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