Tater’s Take on the Fight for Justice

This is what I wrote after the death of Justice Scalia. I stand by the first paragraph. I have not seen any posts celebrating the death of RBG, but if I do I will feel the same.

My feelings on the second paragraph now – the same people who said it would be wrong to vote on Garland have now said they will vote on a Trump nominee. This is wrong. This is situational ethics. If it was wrong to vote on Garland it is wrong to vote on a Trump nominee this close to an election.

Unless you have been living under a rock for several days, you know that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on Saturday. This leaves an opening on the Supreme Court during an election year with less than a year remaining on President Obama’s time in office. This lead to much discussion about Scalia and his possible replacement. I have a couple of thoughts on this. I will start with the people who are rejoicing in his death. Antonin Scalia was a human being with family and friends who loved him. His death is not a happy occasion to be celebrated. It doesn’t matter how you feel about his politics, rejoicing in his death is bad form. Filling social media with negative posts about him does no one any good. It just shows that the poster lacks basic human decency.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t like your politics and opinions, shall we have a party when you die?

Secondly, the people who say the Republicans should delay any vote to confirm an Obama nominated justice because “we should let the American people decide who gets to make the pick” – the American people already decided who they wanted to make this decision when we held an election in 2012. The American people voted to President Obama to remain in office until January of 2017. Until January of 2017 it is President Obama’s job to nominate someone to the Supreme Court. President Obama plans to do his job. We elected people to Congress who’s job it is to confirm this nominee. I would hope they will be grown ups and do their job as well. If we wait and leave it to President Trump we might end up with Judge Judy on the court.

Some Random Tater Ramblings

I still have nothing in my brain for a full post. Part of it is a change of schedule for my wife where she is working from home most Mondays. It’s hard for me to write with others around. Also, she doesn’t get why I bother. Part of it is my frame of mind of late and I worry that will not get better now that my day to day’s main negative force has returned. Let’s see what random thoughts pop up as I go with this post.

  • I think if you are an almost 80-year-old man and you just had a heart attack you should probably stop trying to be president.  Running for president is tiring, Being president should be even harder. Why keep going?
  • I can’t believe the Supreme Court is going to hear a case to decide if it is legal to fire LGBTQIA+ people. How is it 2019 and it is not already settled that this should be illegal? I know why, actually. Too much mixing religion with government. That’s why.
  • I don’t understand why anyone would want to micromanage people. My life is hard enough without looking over the shoulder of others while they do their work. I would rather trust that my employees are doing their jobs unless there is a reason to think otherwise. If you can’t do that you probably shouldn’t have employees.
  • One of the signs of me being in a bad place mentally is not being able to find music I want to listen to while driving. I love music. All kinds of music. If I flip through the music on my phone and am dissatisfied and then can’t find anything on Sirius either I know there is a problem. I’ve had a few days like that recently.
  • These Braves/Cardinals games are stressing me out. Why can’t we have one easy Braves win? Is that too much to ask?
  • I’m happy to have Braves baseball at least through tomorrow and then Kentucky basketball starts Friday with Madness, It’s a great time to be a sports fan.

I will stop there. Who knows what tomorrow might bring. My wife will be home again tomorrow and I work my first real full day at work for three weeks as not the boss anymore. That won’t be fun.