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I Need a Vacation

I know that I’ve posted pictures from two different trips this summer. I know that as far as my job goes I’ve been on vacation twice this summer. I know that this means that no one will feel bad for me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I need a vacation. I can’t find…

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Weekend Update

My daughter finishing high school means that there is an upcoming graduation  ceremony. A graduation ceremony means company is coming. Company coming means while everyone else was enjoying the unofficial start of summer, I was trapped in cleaning hell. All day, every day was spent cleaning. There were a few breaks in the cleaning for…

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Snow Stress

I’ve been wishing all winter for a snow day. I’ve posted about how much I needed a snow day. Tomorrow the library will likely get a snow day. Problem is, I am scheduled to be on a 9:30am train to Philadelphia tomorrow. Figures that we would finally get a snow day when I am not…

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