Some Normal

If you are like me, you are very tired of living in unprecedented times and would like a little bit of normal in your life. It was an odd Labor Day weekend with a late Kentucky Derby. My daughter is back at school. but still taking online classes. My job is still very different than … More Some Normal

An Odd Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is a big event at our house. Well, at least for two of us. I don’t think my son cares and my wife refuses to watch horse racing because she’s afraid something bad will happen to a horse. My daughter and I always watch. Even when we are in different places we … More An Odd Derby Day

My Saturday on ESPN

I spent my morning off in College Park with the College Gameday crew and my daughter. We got there about 45 minutes before the doors opened assuming there would be a crowd. We were the first in line in the non-student line. This meant we had seats that basically put us on TV for the … More My Saturday on ESPN


Every day I see more reaction to the Houston Astros heating to win the World Series. I’m in agreement with those who think more should have been done. At the very least, the win should be vacated and the record books should show no champion for that year. I disagree with the commissioner’s assessment that … More Cheaters

The One Where Tater Talks About the Super Bowl After Everyone is Done Talking About the Super Bowl

I didn’t have time to write anything yesterday so my Super Bowl post is late and after everyone is finished talking about the Super Bowl. I’ve always been a little slow. Pre-Game – Demi Lovato did a great job with the National Anthem. I’ve liked her since my kids watched her on Disney. I’m glad she … More The One Where Tater Talks About the Super Bowl After Everyone is Done Talking About the Super Bowl

Some Baseball Stuff

I’ve been watching the Braves playoff series against the Cardinals. I would love to also watch the Braves play in the next round of the playoffs, but I have a bad feeling about today’s game. I don’t see it going our way. During the series, there were complaints about the play of Ronald Acuna, Jr. … More Some Baseball Stuff