Participation Trophies, Jeff Foxworthy Jokes, and Being Mad About Everything

Jeff Foxworthy has a new Netflix special coming. Netflix tweeted the above to advertise the special. As is the norm for Twitter, people are angry. People are angry that Foxworthy has a Netflix special in the first place. Apparently, they don’t realize they can just not watch it. One person is mad that Bob Saget … More Participation Trophies, Jeff Foxworthy Jokes, and Being Mad About Everything

Lighten Up, Francis

Yesterday LA posted about empathy and included the following line. Someone asked me how I can continue to blog while the situation in the Ukraine is going on. They thought I didn’t care, that I lacked empathy… LA Today, I read the following in the Washington Post in the op-ed piece The War in Ukraine … More Lighten Up, Francis

Why Do I Write?

I wrote not too long ago about how I struggle to not get caught up in stats here and on Medium. This morning I read a post on Deb’s Dispatches asing if having a blog is attention seeking. My therapist asks me about my writing each week and we talk about how writing makes me … More Why Do I Write?

If I Had the Guts

I am at a loss for words today. I’ve been up since 4:30 AM and started my day in my cold, dark backyard trying to get a urine sample from my dog for the vet. The day has to only go up from there, right? While watching speed skating with plenty of falls and penalties, … More If I Had the Guts

Old Tweets and Jobs

I watched the new episode of Jeopardy last night. This week is the one week Mike Richards hosted before he was fired. He was not fired due to old tweets, but for alleged actions while working for The Price is Right and for things he said on a podcast. With the Jeopardy hosting gig once … More Old Tweets and Jobs