What Is Taking My Reading Time

It is almost the end of the year. I might make it to 55 books read this year. That’s not bad, but I used to make it to 100 books every year. My ability to focus on a book changed during lockdown and I never made it back to where I was before. Instead, other … More What Is Taking My Reading Time

Social Media Tater

The above post popped up in my Facebook memories today. It is from the time when once a week my branch at my old job was in charge of social media posts. It was one of the few things I enjoyed about the last few years there. They eventually ruined that as well. More on … More Social Media Tater

Participation Trophies, Jeff Foxworthy Jokes, and Being Mad About Everything

Jeff Foxworthy has a new Netflix special coming. Netflix tweeted the above to advertise the special. As is the norm for Twitter, people are angry. People are angry that Foxworthy has a Netflix special in the first place. Apparently, they don’t realize they can just not watch it. One person is mad that Bob Saget … More Participation Trophies, Jeff Foxworthy Jokes, and Being Mad About Everything

Lighten Up, Francis

Yesterday LA posted about empathy and included the following line. Someone asked me how I can continue to blog while the situation in the Ukraine is going on. They thought I didn’t care, that I lacked empathy… LA Today, I read the following in the Washington Post in the op-ed piece The War in Ukraine … More Lighten Up, Francis

Why Do I Write?

I wrote not too long ago about how I struggle to not get caught up in stats here and on Medium. This morning I read a post on Deb’s Dispatches asing if having a blog is attention seeking. My therapist asks me about my writing each week and we talk about how writing makes me … More Why Do I Write?