Wants vs Needs

I rarely spend money on myself. For me, splurging is buying a drink at Starbucks and that has become very rare these days. I already barely spent money on myself and I got even worse about it when I quit working. I don’t make money. so I don’t spend money. I generally will spend money … More Wants vs Needs

Grocery Adventure

My wife has been doing all of the grocery runs for the family. She has always been the one to go to the grocery store. She doesn’t trust me to shop properly. She asked to stop in at Wegmans earlier this week to pick up some stuff. I wrote earlier about how I never made … More Grocery Adventure

My Shoe Problem

I know some of you are thinking “You’re from Kentucky. Do you even wear shoes?” The answer to that is sometimes, on special occasions. But that isn’t my shoe problem. I’m also not like Imelda Marcos. I don’t have way too many shoes. That isn’t my shoe problem either. My problem is that I’m not … More My Shoe Problem