Schedule Changes

Recently, the riding place where I volunteer sent out an email asking for volunteers to join the facilities team. They needed someone to work Monday mornings doing things like dragging the field, driving around with the water tank to fill water troughs, etc. I volunteered, partly because I removed myself from Saturdays, assuming they would … More Schedule Changes

Off Kilter

This is the time of year where my becomes a TV blog. The networks release their fall schedules and I write about them. NBC threw me off by releasing theirs last week. The actual upfronts start today. NBC is this morning and FOX is this afternoon. At some point today, FOX will release their schedule … More Off Kilter

Off Schedule

My life as it is now does not require setting an alarm. I have no particular time I need to be awake. My wife works from home and does not set an alarm that wakes me up. I generally still wake up relatively early. I consider it sleeping in if I sleep until 7am. During … More Off Schedule