More Of Tater is Done

Here are some other things I’m done with.

People who don’t do much but spend a lot of time talking about how much they do.

People who don’t know how to do things telling those who do them how they are doing them wrong.

People who ignore you until they need something from you.

People who make their own rules and use those rules to not do things until such time they want to do those things and then say the rules don’t matter.

Being an afterthought, forgotten and ignored(again until they want something from you or what to tell you how you’ve done something wrong).

Not getting enough sleep due to a combination of stress, anxiety, and pets that need to go outside way too early.

Multiple days a week when the thought of leaving the house makes you sad.

The inability to do anything to change the fact that leaving the house makes you sad.

Lack of respect for the work you do or have done.

Summer heat and humidity.

Distracted drivers.

Bad drivers.

Driving in general.

People who write whiny lists about what they are done with.

People who end a sentence with the word with.


Sudden Onset Melancholy Part 2

I have posted before about what I call Sudden Onset Melancholy. It comes and goes. Sometimes I know what brought it on. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it goes away quickly. Sometimes it lingers. I am in a bit of a prolonged state at the moment. I think yesterday was the worst day so far.

I was already a little bummed about not going home to Kentucky this summer. Part of me still wishes I had a refundable plane ticket so I could skip India and drive to Kentucky instead. While thinking about home recently, the memory of my mom Facetiming with my kids(the last time they would every talk to her) popped in my head. I went from general melancholy to real sadness.

I have seen my son a lot more over the last few weeks than I have in a while. He still lives away from home, but he went on our trip with us last month, so I saw him every day for two weeks. He’s been home a few times since then for dinner. It’s been nice spending more time with him lately. Now, we look toward heading off on a family trip to India without him. He will be heading off for a work trip to Virginia the same week. I’m sad that he is not coming with us and, as always, anxious about the actual trip. It has not helped my mood.

I also have what I will call the summer time blues. That part of the summer when all I really want is to be able to be home, sitting on my deck reading a book. Or, at my brother’s house by the pool. Anywhere but in an office. Summer is when my “I really want to retire” mood hits an all time high. I miss the time of lazy summer days. Now summer is just a stressful time at work trying to staff the library when staff is on vacation.

My trip anxiety will obviously end at the very least when we return, but then I will be looking toward the next big event that will make me sad: my daughter moving away to college. Maybe I will be better mid-autumn.