Beyond Romance: Celebrating Genuine Friendship in Ted Lasso

I was going to title this “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” but it turns out I already wrote something under that title. It was on a somewhat similar topic – relationships between TV characters. I am a fan of Ted Lasso. One of my favorite parts of the current season is the friendship between Roy … More Beyond Romance: Celebrating Genuine Friendship in Ted Lasso

Tater on Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am posting this today since I will be doing my regular What’s Good post tomorrow, This is one of my annoying posts that is just links to other posts. I have put together a collection of my posts I have written that have a love theme. Enjoy. In Which I … More Tater on Love

The Proposal Story

I follow a lot of reporters for the Washington Post on Twitter. One of them is Lisa Bonos who writes about dating and being single in the DC area. The articles don’t apply to me but Lisa did a program for me at the library so I always look at her posts. Not too long … More The Proposal Story