Retirement Plans

When I asked for suggestions on what to write recently, someone said I should write about what I would do when I retire. If I retire on the date I am eligible for full retirement, I will only be in my mid-50’s. I don’t plan to stay past that date and would retire earlier if … More Retirement Plans

The Retiring Type

I took the day off on Tuesday.  It was in the middle of what would have been my 7 day stretch at work. I’m old, tired and a little burned out and couldn’t deal with the thought of 7 days of work with no break. So, I did what I needed and took a break. … More The Retiring Type

Reentry Is Hard

This weekend was the first weekend in a while where I was actually able to relax.  To make it even better, it was a four day weekend. I didn’t do anything exciting. On my birthday leave day on Friday I went out and got some free food from Panera and Dickey’s and watched a movie … More Reentry Is Hard