Finding Myself

I have attempted to write a longer post about this several times and can’t get it right. So, here is an abbreviated version just to get the thoughts out of my head. While watching the Nashville New Year’s Eve party on TV while at my mother-in-law’s house, I felt homesick for the me I could … More Finding Myself

A Resolution Check-In

I didn’t do real New Year’s resolutions this year. My resolution post this year was done with predictive text. They weren’t bad resolutions, though, so I decided to see how I’m doing. Be Sure That I Would Love It So far I have not felt any pressure to work outside of the house. Any pressure … More A Resolution Check-In

2019 Thoughts

I’m not going to make official resolutions. I’m not going to call these goals. I’m just going to post some thoughts about what I would like from 2019. Maybe they are goals. This one is an actual goal – My usual read 100 books goal. I’ve been able to get to 100 every year so … More 2019 Thoughts