Freedom of Religion

I almost didn’t write this one, but as I said before I’m tired Once again I saw a post from a friend on Facebook regarding Islam. The last time, it was someone saying the religion should be illegal in the United States. It resulted in me writing about the slippery slope of allowing discrimination against … More Freedom of Religion

On Marches and Life

Last weekend was the women’s march in Washington. I had a lot of friends go down to march and I support them and their right to march. I had other friends who did not support the march because pro-choice organizations and people were involved. Today is the march for life. I’m sure I have friends … More On Marches and Life

Tater’s Takes on Odds and Ends

Flying While Arab –A student was recently removed from a Southwest flight after another passenger heard him speaking Arabic. Just another instance of judging others because they aren’t like us. Best case scenario is that this random other passenger speaks Arabic and actually heard him say something threatening. Most likely scenario is that an Islamaphobe heard Arabic … More Tater’s Takes on Odds and Ends

Church Fight Club

I think it is interesting to see posts from church people who think they would be happy if only everyone was just like them. Get rid of the people who disagree with their beliefs and everything would be A-OK. I’ve written some about this thinking here – The Slippery Slope and I’m gonna write about it … More Church Fight Club