Some Tuesday Tater Thoughts

I don’t think I have anything that would make a decent post by itself. Some would say that has never stopped me before. Some would be correct. Let’s see if the few things I have a little to say about make for a decent post.

The Oscars – I didn’t watch the Oscars. I never watch the Oscars. I never watch any award shows. It isn’t that I don’t care who wins. I do. I just get bored with the shows. I thought about watching and writing about it. I might have if I was alone, but I didn’t feel like I should make my wife watch them so I could write about them. Maybe if I was being paid, but not for a sad little blog. Anyway, I’m happy about Parasite winning Best Picture. It was very good. I was also happy with Brad Pitt’s win. I’m a fan and I thought he was very good in the movie. I’m pretty neutral about the rest of the awards. I did actually watch three of the movie nominees before the awards this year. That’s pretty good for me. By the way, I’m wearing sweats by Walmart and shirt by Special Olympics Maryland…

Art Imitates Life – I’ve made no secret of my dissatisfaction with the current state of my career. I was watching The Unicorn last week and one character was bored and dissatisfied at work. He talked to his boss with ideas to shake things up and was fired. When he finds a new job in the same field he realizes he is still bored and dissatisfied because he is doing the exact same thing he did in the last job. In the end, he decides to quit the new job and figure out what he wants to do with his life now. I really wish I could do the same thing. I would love to be able to 6 months or so off from working to reset and decide what to do with the rest of my life. Maybe I could take the time to try writing stuff people would actually pay me to write. I doubt that ould happen, but I would have the time to try. I could always be a substitute teacher. It would give me summers off and some flexibility in when I work. Anyway, 6 months off could help be get clarity on the next step. Now to convince my wife…

Winter – Winter is missing here. We keep getting rain and mild weather. It finally gets cold here this weekend after the precipitation stops. It looks like no snow for me this year, so I’m ready for spring. If it is going to rain, it might as well by 70 degrees outside.

Free Birthday Stuff – My birthday is Sunday. I’ve started to get all of my birthday freebie emails. I already had my free Krispy Kreme donut and coffee and my free Red Robin burger and fries. I’m going to try to leave early for a meeting tomorrow to get a free egg sandwich at Einstein Bros Bagels for lunch. I still have a free Mission BBQ sandwich and a free entree at Houlihans and expect to get a free pastry from Panera and a free drink from Starbucks when it is actually m birthday. I love my stretch of free food for my birthday and I have a four day weekend coming up so I have time to use them.

And now my brain is empty…

Some Short Wednesday Thoughts

I recently hit 200 followers on this blog. I would like to say welcome to the new followers and also I’m sorry for the inevitable disappointment you will feel when you read my posts regularly. There are some people I follow who start a blog and 6 months later they have a gazillion followers. I would like to meet all of these bloggers in person so I can punch them in the face.

I drove down to a local shopping center today to get lunch and buy a gallon of milk. Every single 4 way/all way/ 3 way stop was a practice in frustration as people sat and waited because no one knows how it works and so nobody drove. This includes the people who are coming in to the shopping center and are not supposed to stop. It’s really not that hard. Why don’t people know how to do this? I’m not sure what confuses people more a 4 way stop or a traffic circle. It is really annoying.

My library is about to announce who they have hired as our new CEO. I went to a meet and greet with the candidates where I talked to each of them in a group setting for 10 minutes. So, of course, I think I know exactly who they should hire. Why would I trust the people who have interviewed them all twice and have seen their resumes. My gut feeling is obviously better than actual work, right? I am trying to remind myself not to really think this way when they announce the CEO. I’m sure they will make the right choice regardless of who I liked best in a very causal, brief meeting(but I’m sure I’m right).

We upgraded our TV service recently and now I can record u to six shows at a time and twice as much can be saved as before. I know this seems excessive, but for someone like me who gets more excited about the network upfronts than they do the Oscars this is big. I can finally sample all of the random new shows that air without juggling my recording schedule. Maybe I will try writing a few reviews even though I suck at writing reviews.

That’s all for today. Happy Wednesday!

Some Random Friday Stuff

A few short random things from the week.

  • I decided to download a logic puzzle app to my phone so I have something to do when I’m home alone and don’t feel like reading. I keep messing up the puzzles, but I’m pretty sure it is less I’m no longer good at logic puzzles and more my stupid fat thumbs keep clicking the wrong box on the grid and I don’t notice until it is too late. At least I hope it’s I have fat thumbs and not I’m getting dumber.
  • I just bought my ticket to a fundraiser that is being held at a bar called Urban Axes in Philadelphia. It will take place during the PLA Conference. The ticket includes an open bar and axe throwing. Alcohol, librarians and axes. What could possibly go wrong. Now I just have to not chicken out and actually go to a strange bar with strangers and throw axes.
  • I’ve been really tired this week because I stay up too late(or sleep on the couch while trying to stay up) to watch the Olympics. I enjoy the snowboarding events, the speed skating, luge and skeleton, and some of the skiing, but the rest kind of bore me. I prefer the summer Olympics. I can watch a lot more swimming and track and field than I can skiing and I would rather watch gymnastics than figure skating. I’m ready for these games to be over so I and go back to my regularly scheduled TV viewing.
  • I was going to add some stuff about the gun control debate, but it seemed too serious compared to the rest of the post. I will say that I am annoyed by the people who are dismissing the teens from Florida as pawns being used by adults like high schoolers can’t possibly have anything important to say. I would also say that if you post anything claiming these kids are crisis actors and not real teens who went through a traumatic event I will most likely unfriend you on whatever social media it is on. I can be friends with people who disagree with me but I can’t be friends with people who post false and slanderous claims about these kids.


Tater’s Writer’s Block Tuesday

I decided that I needed to write something this morning. I had a thought about what I wanted to write. I sat down with coffee and the laptop and got started. I typed a sentence. I deleted the sentence and typed another. I deleted that one and typed two this time. I've now deleted those two and instead started writing about deleting the previous sentences. I can't seem to get more than a sentence or two into a topic before I get stuck. Normal people would probably just put the laptop away, but I've never been normal. Here are some things I could write about if I could write more than a sentence:

The Post-Vacation Blues - I'm still in the middle of the post-vacation blues. I'm counting down to retirement(8 years) when the vacation will never end. I think it's harder after an event you've been anticipating(high school reunion) and also after visiting family(why did we choose to love so far away). I guess I will get over it soon. If not, maybe I can win the lottery and be on a permanent vacation.

Politics - The Today Show is playing while I'm writing this. There is plenty I could write about in the news, but I'm not ready to go there. Everyone knows how I feel about President Trump(I throw up in my mouth a little every time I write that) and he's doing nothing to change my mind.

Unfriended - Speaking of my thoughts on the president. I was very vocal during both the primaries and the general election on my feelings on Trump. I noticed during this time that a couple of people were no longer my friend on Facebook. I guess they were either tired of reading about politics in general or didn't like my opinions. It's not the first time I've lost Facebook friends. I keep discovering that people who used to be my friends are no longer my friends(usually when they comment on a post I'm following) and I'm never really sure when or why this happened. I think a few unfriended me because I'm not "Christian" enough(meaning I don't blindly follow the political opinions of a church), some did it over politics and a few just don't really like me. Their loss.

Random Thought While Trying to Sleep Last Night - I don't think it would be possible to time travel without messing up time. Even if you went back as yourself in the past there is no way you could replicate everything and any little deviation could have a big impact on current time.

That's a lot of writing for someone claiming to have writer's block.