Remembering Snowmageddon 2010

11 years ago today we were hit with the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever experienced. Here are some of the pictures I took after the storm.

Out the back door. I had to shovel a path so the dog could go out.

I don’t need to experience another storm like this one.

Wordless Wednesday – Meeting Famous People

For wordless(kind of) Wednesday, my photos of meeting famous people.

Me with Henry Winkler
Me with Kelly from The Dollyrots
My son at his first concert with Jaret from Bowling for Soup
My son with UK basketball coach John Calipari
Me with Christopher Moore

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Monday is Bad For My Health

I just deleted another post about how much I dread clocking into work on Monday morning and how the sadness starts on Sunday night as I realize my weekend is over. I deleted it because I have decided to stop talking about it. It is clear that nothing will change and whining about it here doesn’t help. Instead, enjoy some of my photos that make me happy.