Do I Miss People?

I was trying to remember when I have seen people from outside of my family. It was hard because I don’t have a lot of reasons to leave my house these days. I went to training at the therapeutic riding place 10 days ago. I’ve seen people at the school office as I’m dropping off … More Do I Miss People?

Are People Getting Dumber Or Am I Less Stupid-Tolerant?

I think I’ve asked this question before. That likely means that people are not getting dumber, I’m just getting less tolerant of people’s antics as I get older. The more people who are around, the more likely I am to get annoyed. Here are some Ravens game examples of things that made me more irritable … More Are People Getting Dumber Or Am I Less Stupid-Tolerant?

Who’s the Asshole?

I recently read Drew Magary’s memoir of his life after his collapse and resulting brain damage. When I updated Goodreads to add that I was reading it someone I vaguely know via another author commented. She commented to say that Drew was an asshole when she met him and she would never read any of … More Who’s the Asshole?