Throwback Thursday – Everything’s Better With a Little Kiss

Still dealing with general anxiety with a dollop of depression on the side. Today a fun post brought to you by Timehop reminding me that ten years ago I looked like this My daughter had started taking dance classes the year before after a friend invited her to the studio on take a friend day … More Throwback Thursday – Everything’s Better With a Little Kiss

What is Success?

Recently, a friend mentioned something about identity and jobs and I commented that I feel like now that I don’t have a job I no longer have an identity, at least in the eyes of the world. We like to define people by their jobs. I wrote about this and about how I didn’t want … More What is Success?

When Stairs Attack

My wife went to the office yesterday afternoon. I took that opportunity to vacuum the house since I didn’t need to worry about the noise. I put in my ear buds and sang loudly while I was doing it. Everything was good until the end. I vacuumed the stairs with the cord plugged in at … More When Stairs Attack

Another Dad Post

I did a short post about being a girl dad on Thursday. I’m also a boy dad. Being a boy dad for me meant being Coach Alan for a while. It meant a lot of activity and a lot of time outside. My son has always has a lot of energy and was never one … More Another Dad Post

A #girldad Post

One of the things that resulted from Kobe Bryant’s death was the multitude of posts from people about being a girl dad. I loved seeing the posts from dad’s with their daughters but I didn’t post one of my own. I have a son and a daughter and I felt the girl dad thing was … More A #girldad Post

Empty Nest Day

Today is the day. For the first time since 1996 we will have no kids living at home. We are loading the car this morning and moving our daughter in to her dorm. I’m not sure I’m ready for that drive back in an empty car. I’m hoping I can hold off on the crying … More Empty Nest Day