Happy Pandemic Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday again. Seems to happen every year around this time. Funny how that works. This is my first and hopefully last one in the midst of a pandemic. Last year we were still a month away from everything locking down. My wife’s birthday is four days before mine, so we generally only do one dinner out if we do one at all. Most years we just get our free sandwiches from Firehouse Subs Last year we went to a nice seafood place on the water since she was celebrating a milestone birthday. Two years ago for my 50th we went to a place in DC I’ve always wanted to try. This year will be back to our norm of not doing anything too exciting.

Here is my plan for my pandemic birthday:

I’ve been up for over an hour already. Had coffee. Read the paper. Watched All American.

Read for a bit this morning.

Take the dog for a walk whenever the blinds people show up to install the last of the blinds. i can’t believe my wife scheduled it for my birthday.

Get my free drink from Starbucks for an afternoon treat. Possibly also pick up my free pastry from Panera at the same time.

Find a movie to watch while drinking my Starbucks.

Maybe read some more while waiting for my wife to finish work for the day.

Not sure what dinner will be. Maybe a free Mission BBQ sandwich. Maybe a free Firehouse Subs sandwich. Maybe something at home.

Watch recorded TV shows until I’m too tired to stay awake.

Not a real exciting birthday. Normally the day off would be a good thing, but this year it will seem like every other day. Maybe next year I will throw myself a party.

Trading News for Nostalgia

For pretty much my entire adult working life I have had the same morning routine.

Wake up. Make coffee. Turn on the local news. Read the newspaper. Watch The Today Show. Go to work.

As the pandemic has dragged on, I started to adjust his a little. Coffee is a constant. The newspaper is still a constant, though I sometimes pick and choose what stories I read in detail now. Some days I spend more time on the comics than I do the rest of the paper.

I stopped my daily viewing of Today mid-pandemic. There was only so much news I could take.

I just recently started turning off the local news after the weather. I could get the weather from an app(and I do) but I still like to see what the local person has to say. Every other story is pandemic related. I just can’t deal with that right now.

So, here has been my new routine of late:

Wake up. Make coffee. Read the newspaper. Watch the local news until the weather. Turn the channel to the stations showing old shows. Watch The Partridge Family. Watch Gilligan’s Island. Go to work.

If I am working from home and need TV noise in the background I might turn back to Today for the more human interest type stories, but a lot of those are also pandemic related.

Trading news for nostalgia has helped my stress and anxiety levels.

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