No Monday Morning Quarterback

I wrote one, but it was intercepted by the Buffalo Bills. Actually, there is no real one today because I was only able to listen to most of the game. Everything I know about the game I got from Sandusky, Q and Stan White. If I base a post on what they said, it will be even dumber than normal. What I will say is that, yes, it was a bad game. 5 interceptions is bad, but so is having a receiving corps that can’t catch and an O line that can’t run block or give the QB time to throw the ball.  I know the defense gave up a lot of yards on the ground, but if your offense turns the ball over 5 times and you still have a chance to win, the defense is obviously doing something right.

We just won the super bowl last year and people are still unhappy. If you are ready to jump ship at this point, you are not a true fan and won’t be missed.


Monday morning quarterback – week 2

Final score yesterday was 14-6. People at the game seemed to forget every Ravens/Browns np game tends to be an ugly low scoring game. Already heard one moron saying we should bench Flacco. Football fans are stupid. Here are the good and the bad from the game.

The good:

We won. That is always a good thing an ugly win counts the same as a blowout.

The defense didn’t give up a TD and shut them out in the 2nd half.

Marlon Brown continues to impress me and looks like he will be a major contributor on offense.

Brandon Stokely. Looks like he will be a good 3rd down option for Flacco.

5 sacks.

The bad:

The running game still can’t get going.

Rice is hurt.

The play calling was very Cam Cameron-esque.

Our safeties still look bad.

Tight end production is sub par.

The people who sit behind me are still annoying.

Friday Morning Quarterback

I have decided to start proving I know nothing about football by posting my thoughts after each Ravens game.

Last night was the big NFL Kickoff night. It started as the big NFL Weather Delay. I was not in Denver, so I can’t say for sure if the delay was actually necessary, but apparently, the NFL people making the decision weren’t either, so I guess we are equal there. The meteorologists I follow on twitter thought it was an unnecessary. What was also unnecessary were the Ravens taking the field late after the delay. What was the point of that?

When the game finally started it looked like it was going to be an exciting close game. Unfortunately, the 17-14 halftime lead for the Ravens disappeared faster than Haloti Ngata’s Royal Farms chicken. The final score was the Denver Mannings 49 and your Baltimore Ravens 27.

The good:

Marlon Brown looks like he will be a very good receiver.

When the starting offensive line is on the field, Flacco has plenty of time to throw the ball.

Sacking Manning 3 times makes me think our pass rush will be good this season.

Run defense looked OK.

Flacco looked good when he had a little time and receivers that could catch.

Webb looked good in his return.

We don’t play Peyton Manning again.

The bad:

Our TE’s can’t catch the ball.

All it takes is for one O lineman to go down to break down protection of the QB.

Safety play  was not good.

Secondary play in general, with the exception of Webb, was sub-par.

Brynden Trawick is apparently legally blind.

The defense looked confused at times.

It is only one game. The team has many new starters. It may take time for the team to gel. Denver at Denver is a bad place to test a new defensive team. Things can only get better.




The NFL’s Got a Brand New Bag(Policy)

The first home Ravens game was last night. This prompted all of the local news channels to ask on Facebook what people thought of the new bag policy. The new bag policy limits the size of women’s purses, limits the size of bags in general, bans diaper bags, camera cases, etc and also states that the non-purse bags must be clear. As is always the case with anything these days people are OUTRAGED.  Me, not so much.

Safety – Will this new policy make me safer at the stadium? No, it won’t. Bad guys will still find a way to bring in bad stuff if they really want to. If bags are being searched anyway, this new policy will not make us any safer. What it will do is cut down on the amount of time standing in security lines behind people who feel the need to carry what is basically luggage to a football game. I approve of this.

Purses – The women were complaining that they need their purses to carry money, phone, keys, feminine products, etc to the game. I think this would likely fit into a small purse. If you only carry the basics with you, I don’t see the need for a giant purse.  This should not inconvenience you at all.

Diaper Bags – I guess I can see why parents have an issue with this, but I have to ask why you are taking a kid that still needs a diaper bag to a football game. They don’t are about the game and taking care of them will mean that you won’t really be watching the football game either.  I didn’t take my kid to the game with me until I was sure he would want to sit and watch the entire game. I didn’t spend all that money on a game to be distracted by a baby/toddler. Get a babysitter. Everyone will be happier.

Giant bags – I have never carried anything in to a game with me but my phone, my wallet and my car keys. I have considered bringing in food, but generally just eat before I leave the house. If I needed to take food in, I think the clear gallon ziploc bag would be sufficient. The complaints I’ve seen are about not being able to fit a blanket and pillow in the regulation bags. A blanket and pillow? It’s a football game, not a slumber party. Grow up, wear layers and leave the bedding at home.

I just don’t get why you want to carry so much stuff to a game or why you would be so mad about not being able to carry it that you would sell your tickets(as some people have threatened). If you care more about your baggage than the game, just stay home and watch on TV.

The only issue I have with new stadium things this season is the food. All of the new menu items are only available on the lower levels(at least from what I could find last night). It would be nice for us upper level folks to have easier access to the full menu.

Franchising Flacco

I will start today on a topic concerning a team at the top, the Baltimore Ravens. Coming off of a Super Bowl win, the Ravens now have to make some big personnel decisions. The first decision that will impact the rest of those decisions is what to do with Joe Flacco. The best thing that could happen is a long term deal that is in the best interest of both Flacco and the team. A contract with the money he wants, but with a structure that allows for the team to stay somewhat intact next season. Unfortunately, that looks less and less likely to happen and the franchise tag comes into play. There are two different franchise tags, the exclusive and the non-exclusive. The exclusive guarantees Flacco will be on the team next year, but will cost $20 million dollars and will result in several cuts of veteran players. The non-exclusive costs less, but allows Flacco to negotiate with other teams.

Personally, I am it a fan of dismantling a team in order to make one player happy, regardless of the player. Would I love to have Flacco back? Yes, of course, but I don’t want him back if it means we tear the team apart. If Flacco and the team can’t come to terms on a mutually beneficial long term deal, I hope the team uses the non-exclusive franchise tag and allows Flacco to negotiate with other teams. If another team is willing to break the bank to pay Flacco, I would take their first round picks, offer one of them to the 49ers for Alex Smith and his 8 million dollar salary and move on. If Flacco wants to be a highly payed player on a crappy team, API would prefer he do it away from Baltimore.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick is back in the news for more than his habit of turning the ball over in the red zone. Yesterday we were treated to the “breaking news” that Michael Vick’s family now has a dog. Cue the outrage.

I have a few short observations on the story.

  • This is not news.
  • To the people commenting on the stories – please do not compare what he did to child molestation. I love dogs, but they are not equal to human children. Just stop with that.
  • Michael Vick did a bad thing. He was caught and went to prison for doing a bad thing. He’s done his time and should now be allowed to go about his life, even if that means being a highly paid professional athlete.
  • Michael Vick owns a dog. He got it for his kid as a pet. This is a good thing. He is teaching his kids the proper way to treat an animal, as a beloved family pet. A lesson he likely did not get growing up. This is a good way to end the cycle.
  • How do we expect convicted felons in general to be productive members of society if we are unable and/or unwilling to forgive their past and let them try to lead a new life when out of prison?

It’s time to stop judging Michael Vick and others who have been to prison based only on what they have done wrong. We need to give people a chance to show that they have been rehabilitated and can do the right thing. If we can’t forgive Michael Vick, how are we expected to forgive your average, non-famous felon?

Observations from Ravens Games

Drinking – I don’t understand the concept of attending a football game just to get drunk. OK, maybe I get it when you are in college, but grown people who pay a lot of money to attend a game, show up drunk and then drink more when they get there? Seems like a waste of money to pay for a game you likely won’t remember. If you want to drink heavily why pay that much money for the opportunity to overpay for beer?

Security – I agree with Ed Norris on two things. One, the enhanced security will not catch someone who really wants to sneak something in and, two, the way to make the game safer is to keep the drunks out. They are the ones causing all of the problems. Also, herding all of the drunks into a long line and a crowd is just asking for trouble. All it takes is one shove to start a riot.

Standing – Just don’t understand the people who won’t stand and cheer and make noise on third down, but will stand up when there is a break in the action.

Asshats – people who make fun of breast cancer awareness month, complain about everything the team does, complain every time Flacco throws the ball, etc. I complain a lot and these people even annoy me.

Pregame – No, I’m not going to stand for a random country song that is not our national anthem.

Mass transit – how can you provide trains to a night game, but then not provide trains home throughout the game for the people who need to leave? How can you be taken seriously as a city if your mass transit ends at 10pm on a Sunday night?

Even with all of the above, I love going to the games. Even with HD, nothing beats being at the stadium on game day.

NFL Fumbles Ravens/Texans Game

As early as Wednesday, the NFL had to know that a game in Houston this weekend was questionable.  The first rumors out of the league was that the game would be played, but at a neutral location out of the path of the storm.  The league immediately denied this and then waited until late Thursday to announce the game would be played in Houston on Monday night.  Now, word is out that the stadium is damaged and, of course, the city has a lot of damage and power outages.  Still, no word from the NFL on what they plan to do in regards to the game. Reports are out now that the game will be postponed.  I will believe it when I see it.  I fully expect the NFL to announce the game will be played at a neutral location on Monday night.  I can see why the NFL would want to play the game.  A postponement would be a scheduling nightmare as the league is not set up to handle this scenario.  The league could have made the right decision on Wednesday to move or postpone the game instead of leaving the players in limbo.  Now, instead of the Houston players being able to deal with any damage at their homes, they are likely sitting at a team facility waiting for word on where they need to be on Monday.  The last thing they, or the city of Houston needs to be worrying about right now is the status of a football game.