Missing New York

Timehop reminds me that three years ago we were in New York City. I used to go to NYC every year for a week in the summer while my wife was there for work. I would take he bus up(she flew because she’s fancy like that) and spend the day roaming the city while she was at work. I did a random walkabout of each of the boroughs. It was great. Once my daughter was older, she wanted to see the city, so we went back up with her. The trip three years ago was the first time our son joined us.

This trip was prompted by our ability to get tickets to see Hamilton. I was at work one day when I got the email that another round of tickets were open. I called my wife who was at her mom’s house so he could buy them since I was at work. She couldn’t get the wifi there to cooperate so I had to try to secure them while hoping no one asked me a question. We only bough three tickets because my wife didn’t think our son would care enough about Hamilton to go. She also decided if he did want to to go, she would be OK with seeing another show. Of course, he wanted to go, so she saw Miss Saigon while we saw Hamilton.

We stayed at the Chelsea Savoy as we have the last few times we have been. We found street parking across the street from the hotel. We walked the High Line. We went to Hamilton. We had a good time.

My brother and his family has talked about coming to visit this year so I could be their NYC tour guide. We all know how that worked out.

I can’t wait until I can go back and experience the city again.

Our New York Adventure

Everyone got a break from the month of Tater this weekend as my family embarked on a New York City adventure. I’m back!

We had to wait until Friday afternoon to leave as we were waiting for my son to arrive so he could go with us.  We got to the city around 7pm and checked in to our hotel. My wife saw the room and immediately said he was not spending the weekend there. She called the hotel we used last year, confirmed they had a room and then told the front desk to refund our money. I admit that I was really irritated during this. I was hungry and wanted a little time to explore before sleeping. I will also admit that it was a good decision. The person at the first hotel refused to answer questions about parking and the room was tiny. The people at the Chelsea Savoy were very helpful and the room was a good size and cheaper than the first hotel. They recommended a local diner(where they gave us free cookies as we left), we had dinner there and then it was time to sleep.

Saturday was a long, busy and faun day. We started the day walking the High Line, an elevated railway turned in to a park. It was a nice walk and a good way to start the day.

We then circled up to Macy’s and then to Times Square. We wandered around a bit, had lunch and then went to our reason for being in the city: Hamilton!

The show was great. I already knew I loved the music, but it is so much better when watching the show. Such a great experience and I was happy to be able to share it with both of my kids. We left the show, went to the Christmas village at Bryant Park, walked up to 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center and then headed back to the hotel. It was a long day, it rained for a good portion of the walk after the show, but it was a great day.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel and drove up to Central Park to explore some before leaving the city.  It was a cold and windy morning, but we survived.

We left the park and headed out of the city. We stopped in Hoboken for lunch and some goodies at Carlo’s Bake Shop.


It was a quick trip and we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see, but it was a nice break from life and it was really good to have both of our kids with us again. I can’t wait to do it again.