How to Have a Frustrating Day

Start the day at the dentist. Have the hygienist tell you that everything is good and that you should change nothing about your personal dental care only to be told by the dentist that an old filling needs to be replaced and now you have to go back next week for that.

Arrive home to find Netflix not working on your TV because the day before they told you there was suspicious activity on your account and you should change your password. Change password back to try to fix the problem. End up live chatting with Netflix to help you get to the screen to deactivate and sign back in to the account.

Finish all of that just in time to eat lunch, get dressed and go to work.

Receive an email at 2pm that someone has changed your password and it is not the one you  set up. Change password again and contact Netflix about unauthorized use of your account.

Now only about 6 more hours at work and the day will be over.