TV Is Turning Into a Streaming Pile Of

I was reading the TV business news as I do and I saw an article about the new Psych movie. The movie was due to come to USA Network in 2019. Now, they have decided that the movie will only be available on the new NBC streaming service.  More and more shows are being announced by networks as streaming only. All of the networks have jumped on the streaming bandwagon. Where does that leave the consumer?

I was happy to be the TV dinosaur who still has cable. I like having my local channels, network TV, and other shows and sports that come with cable. I was happy to pay a little more to have what Netflix had to offer. My kids use it enough to make it worthwhile. I pay for HBO on top of cable and we use my son’s Prime account some. We never subscribed to Hulu. I thought we were set.

Now we have Disney + coming. There’s CBS All Access. There is the aforementioned NBC service. HBO Max is coming from Warner. I don’t know what that means for someone who already has HBO. I pay for cable, but can’t watch the Psych movie that was supposed to be on cable. They canceled AP Bio but the resurrected it but only on streaming.

What does that mean for someone like me? Is it time to call cable dead and just use the money to subscribe to all of the streaming? Will I still be able to watch the sports I want to watch with that? Is there a danger that internet providers will enter into deals with some services and throttle the rest? Will streaming eventually be the death of TV?

TV is turning into a streaming pile of something, I just don’t know if it is something good or something that stinks.

I Am a TV Dinosaur

One of my social media posts for work this week mentions that the fall network TV season starts on the 23rd. I’m sure there will people who will think, if not comment, that no one cares about the upcoming season because no one has cable anymore. No one cars that new, weekly shows are coming because no one watches shows like that anymore. We just wait until they are available to binge and then we watch them all at once. I think they are right for the most part.

I’m a dinosaur when it comes to TV. I have Netflix and Prime. I watch some originals and some old shows I missed the first time around. I don’t really binge, though, It’s rare that I watch more than a couple of episodes of a show before I’m ready to move on to something else. I think the only two seasons of a show I can remember bingeing the entire season at once were season one of On My Block and season two of American Vandal. Otherwise, I tend to take a while to finish a show and prefer the weekly model of the networks. I also miss how everyone had to watch the shows at the same time. If a big episode of a TV show aired and you watched it you could talk about it the next day because others would have watched it as well. You didn’t have to worry about the whole spoiler thing. TV was more of a community thing. I loved watching Survivor live when I didn’t work Wednesday nights so I could interact with others on Twitter who were watching at the same time. While I’m typing this I’m watching Friday Night Lights. Everyone else who cares about Friday Night Lights watched it years ago. It is and will continue to be, a solitary thing. Even when I watch the newer shows it feels solitary. Not everyone is watching when I watch. They are either way ahead of me, or in rare cases, behind me. It’s hard to talk to people about it.

I got my Fall TV Preview Issue of Entertainment Weekly yesterday. I look forward to it the way other people look forward to the Christmas toy catalogs. I still love this time of year I can’t wait to watch new episodes of my favorite shows. I can’t wait to try the premieres of the new shows. On the 23rd, my blog in the mornings will become a “What’s on TV Tonight” series. This year I might still write a non-TV post in the evening, but I will spend time in the morning posting the schedule for the night and saying what I will watch. I will post my thoughts on new shows as I watch them. I might be the only one who cares.

I am a TV dinosaur but I like it this way.

How to Have a Frustrating Day

Start the day at the dentist. Have the hygienist tell you that everything is good and that you should change nothing about your personal dental care only to be told by the dentist that an old filling needs to be replaced and now you have to go back next week for that.

Arrive home to find Netflix not working on your TV because the day before they told you there was suspicious activity on your account and you should change your password. Change password back to try to fix the problem. End up live chatting with Netflix to help you get to the screen to deactivate and sign back in to the account.

Finish all of that just in time to eat lunch, get dressed and go to work.

Receive an email at 2pm that someone has changed your password and it is not the one you  set up. Change password again and contact Netflix about unauthorized use of your account.

Now only about 6 more hours at work and the day will be over.