Read My Son’s Work Blog

Today is one of those days where I can’t muster up enough interest in any topic enough to write about it. Several different ideas have floated through my head but none took root enough to inspire a blog post. I opened my email and was reminded that I am no longer the only blogger in the family. My son is an intern with the Audubon Naturalist Society and part of his job is to blog about his work. So, I decided to use today’s post to share the links to his blog posts.

Here is his  author page.

And here are the links to his three posts so far. Enjoy!

Woodend Restoration Watch: Tulip Tree Edition

Woodend Restoration Watch: Japanese Maple Edition

Woodend Restoration Watch: Winter 2018 Edition


I Have No Words


I’ve written and trashed two different posts this morning for various reasons. I’m having trouble concentrating on reading a book and I’m having trouble writing a coherent post. I guess it’s time to watch more TV.  Writing might come back some day. In the interim, please enjoy this picture of me walking a Cheetah.