Woodend Nature Sanctuary Tour

My son is Audubon Naturalist Society’s restoration manager at Woodend Nature Sanctuary. Yesterday was the grand opening of the newly restored Woodend. We went down for a guided tour. The new trail is now wheelchair accessible. If you live in the DMV and enjoy nature you should visit. Here are some photos from the tour.

#GivingTuesday | Audubon Naturalist Society

Just a quick note to do a pledge drive for my son’s work for Giving Tuesday. Your donation will help with education and advocacy for conservation. Please consider a donation if you are able. Your donation will help them continue to Educate children about the environment creating lifelong nature stewards Advocate for green energy and green infrastructure … More #GivingTuesday | Audubon Naturalist Society

My Son’s Work Blog Again

My son mentioned recently that his blog at work does not get as many views as this one so here is a post to boost his work. He works in restoration at Audubon Naturalist Society. He is no longer an intern as his bio states. He has a fancy new title. Read and enjoy conservationblog.anshome.org/author/bradley-simpson/

I Have No Words

  I’ve written and trashed two different posts this morning for various reasons. I’m having trouble concentrating on reading a book and I’m having trouble writing a coherent post. I guess it’s time to watch more TV.  Writing might come back some day. In the interim, please enjoy this picture of me walking a Cheetah. … More I Have No Words