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Every Story Has an End

Day 16 of the month of Tater and I’m sure based on the title you’re thinking “Oh no. Another one of his sappy ‘feelings’ posts about death or change or something”  Good news, fake reader! You’re wrong! This is about actual stories in books, TV and movies. I watched the series finale of Vice Principals…

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Whip It: A Reviewlet

Unfortunately, I am now two days removed from seeing the movie, so my thoughts are not as fresh and easy to articulate as they would have been had I had time to write this earlier. The good:  Ellen Page is very good in both the roller derby scenes and the scenes with her parents.  Daniel…

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Rainy Day Movies

Looking ahead to a rainy day tomorrow as Hannah pushes through with the hopes that I can have a lazy day of watching movies I decided to share my list of movies I can watch over and over again. 1.  Better Off Dead – Best movie ever.  I love everything about this movie.  Go rent…

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