I have the premium plan here on WordPress. I can use WordAds to earn from people reading the blog. It is pretty much useless at the level of interaction I have here. I also pay a yearly fee for the name. That is a cost I think is worthwhile. Both of these are scheduled … More Changes?

Wants vs Needs

I rarely spend money on myself. For me, splurging is buying a drink at Starbucks and that has become very rare these days. I already barely spent money on myself and I got even worse about it when I quit working. I don’t make money. so I don’t spend money. I generally will spend money … More Wants vs Needs

Show Me The Money!

I follow an amateur weather guy on Facebook. I like his forecasts because he’s never been about using hype to get more clicks. He would do his forecasts and then after the storm would post his PayPal link for people to donate to help him keep his work going. He recently announced he is starting … More Show Me The Money!