One Year Check-In

I was all set to write another post today. I have a good chunk of it sitting in my drafts. Then I was reminded that today is an anniversary. One year ago yesterday was my last day at the library. One year ago today was my first day removed from that toxic place. So, this … More One Year Check-In

One Year Later

One year ago today I posted a short note for readers to “stay tuned” for news. I was turning in my letter of resignation that morning. I was quitting my job after 25 years with the organization. The toxic work environment was killing me. I couldn’t stick it out for five more years to retire. … More One Year Later

I Might Just Quit

Everything seemed to be going OK. I was settled into a writing routine. I’m inching toward 1000 followers here on WordPress. People are regularly reading my posts. It doesn’t translate into income here. On my best days, I can make maybe 25 cents from Word Ads. I don’t see that ever changing. To maybe make … More I Might Just Quit