Medical Marijuana

I made the mistake of reading comments on a news article posted on Facebook. Even though it prompted a blog post, it is never a good idea. The article was about the Maryland House of Delegates approving medical use of marijuana. The comments were all people against the measure. There were two main reasons they gave:

1. People will use marijuana and then drive and might hit them and injure them or damage their car. Could that happen? Yes, it could. They could also be hit by someone who has been drinking, is texting, talking on the phone, changing the radio station, shaving, driving while stupid, etc. Is it bad to do all of these things while driving? Yes, it is. Does this mean we should outlaw cell phones, radios, razors and stupid people? No, it doesn’t. Should we make doing these things while driving illegal? Probably. Do these people also believe in an alcohol ban? Maybe, but I doubt it.

2. People will cheat to get it and abuse it. Yes, they probably will. Just as people do every day with prescription medications. Should we ban all prescription medications because some people will abuse it? I doubt these people would say yes. You can’t prevent people from getting medication they need because some people abuse the system.

So, why the uproar over medical marijuana? If it provides relief to sick people, why do we want to prevent them from getting it? Is it just a PR problem? Because for years we looked down on “potheads” we can’t admit there might be benefits, but we are OK with all of the other prescription meds out there because they have the backing of the pharmaceutical companies?

If marijuana can bring relief to those who need it, I’m all in for them having access.